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Jane Fonda as Herself
Michael Caine as Squadron Leader Canfield
Paul Dano as Hank
Rachel Weisz as Junior Executive
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by axapvov 6 / 10 / 10

Sorrentino believes in cinema

At its best, "Youth" grabs his ideal of grandiloquence with pure cinema moments. It can get gorgeously evocative, like having an old Maradona thinking about his pre-match warm-ups. "What are you thinking about?", he´s asked, and he answers "the future". As eloquent as it can be it´s also too vague and two hours can become tedious. Maybe too sentimental as well but nostalgia is the engine after all. There´s nothing wrong in missing past times. Nothing.

Reviewed by christianloteyro 8 / 10 / 10

Visually Stunning(TROLL KINGS OPINION)

Youth is one of the movies that will visually manipulate you to know the story without even a written lyrics, I love the tableaus in the beginning of the film and how the story and character develop. Also, the story is well derive and will make you see how characters evolve from time to time.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10 / 10

Simple Song Number 3

The film centers around 80 something composer/conductor Fred Ballinger (Michael Caine). He is at an Alps resort spa with his daughter Lena (Rachel Weisz) and long time friend and director Mick Boyle (Harvey Keitel). Fred is retired and has refused to conduct for the Queen. Mick is with a group of writers as they are attempting to come up with a script for "Life's Last Day" and spend their time attempting to compose final death bed endings for the film. There are a number of minor subplots and players at the resort so you can create whatever theme or metaphor you desire for the film. The film was very artsy and theme driven. It appeared to focus on dreams and desires which are best left to youth, but I am sure one could get the opposite meaning. The film has a lot of good lines that appear that they tie things together, but then fall short. "I have to believe everything to make things up." "Human beings know how to be pathetic when they try." "Emotions are overrated" contradicted by "Emotions is all we have." "I know you can't levitate." Rachel Weisz has a soliloquy where she nails it, but I wasn't sure what she nailed. Paloma Faith plays herself as an oversexed pop star. Madalina Diana Ghenea gets naked, which seems to be an odd sell point for an artsy film, but then again so did Michael Caine, and now I am blind. One thing I can say for certain is this is not a formula film. It is a series of scenes, many of which are isolated with no real connection to the main plot. People come to the spa to find themselves, realize their desires, and maybe make their dreams come true...

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