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Barbara Goodson as Young Griffith / Old Fortuneteller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by farcas25 1 / 10 / 10

Never saw something worse

Went there with kids (5 and 9) and wanted to see a nice film for them. even the small one (with not so high expectations) was completely dissapointed and saw the 'chinese' copy of Cars.

Reviewed by shahin-fard 3 / 10 / 10

Was like watching Disney's Cars all over again

As a car enthusiast I will pretty much watch anything related to cars, good or bad. This falls into the latter category. As a Cars fan, this was a cheap knock-off. If you don't take my advice and watch it, as the film proceeds you start feeling the familiarity. Even one of the main characters Put Put is very close to tow mater, buck teeth, gets the main character into trouble, and is a bit dumb. Sounds familiar right? They spent so much money on the animation and forgot to get a unique story. What a waste of time and money. Overall 2/10 I wouldn't recommend watching this film.

Reviewed by caubemattich 3 / 10 / 10

Bad. Very bad. The Emoji Movie is nothing compared to this movie.

I am an Asian. The reason I chose to watch this movie at the theater is because I want to know how Asian animation is developing. And I was really disappointed when I finished watching this movie. Except the animation, the rest is too bad. This may be the worst animation film I saw this year, although there are films that are not good like The Grinch or Ploey (Iceland). The plot is a mess, confusing and troublesome. The director was too greedy to put too many story lines in 1h30m . Humor = 0 and this is a ripoff of Pixar Cars at the upper level. Discrete film plot. The film has tons of characters, but any character does not do well. I know this is one of Malaysia's most expensive animated films. But unfortunately, a good film doesn't mean a high-budget film, it seems that this film burns money for fun. Don't waste your time watching this movie. The Emoji Movie is much better than this. Trust me.

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