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Reviewed by Evil_Herbivore 5 / 10 / 10


Venus is one of the increasing number of transgender-related movies being produced recently. It's one of smaller movies, having neither a huge production budget nor a big promotion. It uses a pretty popular trope of a transitioning person discovering they have a child and being forced to deal with that fact. Sadly, it is also one of the more mediocre movies in this category. The story being told is nothing new. It has been told many times already, in many different variations and with various results. Unfortunately, while some of these other movies deal with deep and complex relationships between the characters, as well as complicated issues of gender and parenthood, in Venus everything seems pretty shallow. The characters stumble through the events, displaying a minimum of emotion. The dialogues are quite wooden and the plot is completely predictable. This weakneses influences the acting, which is also mediocre. I don't believe it to be the actors' fault, it seems mre like they were given very little to work with. In result, their performances seem quite unemotional, which doesn't suit the plot that was supposed to tell an emotional story. There is one more thing which I found truly irritating, and that is the music. I do realize that in a low budget movie I can't expect the biggest pop hits, because buying the rights to them is expensive, but even with less-known songs it is possible to choose those, which fit the atmosphere. Here the songs chosen for particular scenes seem to be quite random and often it made me lose focus and think about the music itself, which shouldn't be the point. In general, Venus is not a bad movie, but it's not a good one either. The best word to describe it is mediocre. It simply doesn't offer anything new.

Reviewed by ccorral419 10 / 10 / 10

A timely transgender blended family drama-comedy

Venus. Coming to DVD and VOD (September 4, 2018), is a timely transgender blended family drama-comedy that is long overdue. Writer & Director Eisha Marmara ("Desperately Seeking Helen") presents a cross generational glimpse into the LGBTQ world, without stereotyping the story and/or it's actors. Sid (Debargo Sandal "Pottersville" 2017) is an independent guy on the verge of transitioning, when he is stalked by what he soon learns is his son Ralph (Jamie Mayers "Game On" TV) from a former girlfriend Kristen (Amber Goldfarb "Bellevue" TV). Ralph is unapologetic about wanting to know his real dad. When Sid's traditional Mamaji - Mom (Zena Darawalla) and easy going Papaji - Dad (Gordon Warnecke "My Beautiful Launderette" 1985) meet the cool little Ralph, the family must fight to blend, even as Sid's old flame Max (the sexy Peter Miller "Lewis and Clark" TV) reappears. Little Direct to Video indie films like this will easily got lost in the summer/end of the year film bombardment. However, do what can to find this one. Marmara's film is crisp and clear, and her directing and writing enable the actors to drive the story, without any need for a musical score. Sandal and Mayer's, far from equals in appearance, quickly take on each others persona's making them a team to watch and love. Sandal graciously melts into his trans character with pride, catch dry wit and a reserved sassy walk that is worthy of recognition, while Ralph's unreserved enthusiasm is contagious. If you're looking for something different and quietly entertaining, go to "Venus".

Reviewed by Sinj_Karan 10 / 10 / 10

Great human story that brings a lot to the conversation about being a Trans POC

Venus is must watch for the sensitive and interlaced portrayal of issues that have only recently been seen on celluloid. Being Trans in the South Asian community is a complex reality and Venus tackles it deftly. The story is layered beautifully where parenthood is seen through two prisms simultaneously. Great acting by all and sufficient doses of humour makes it an amazing watch.

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