Union Bound


Action / Drama / History

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Drew Seeley as The Good Man
Randy Wayne as Luke Matthews
Sean Stone as Joseph Hoover
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drjgardner 8 / 10 / 10

Interesting and engaging

This is a filmed version of a diary kept by a Union soldier who escaped from a Confederate prison camp in South Carolina and tried to make his way up North to freedom. It takes place in 1864. Along the way he encounters slaves, plantation owners, and Confederate soldiers. The photograph, sets, and music are all wonderful. The acting is pretty good too, and for the most part, the actors manage to capture the nuances of the time. My only real complaint is that for survivors of Andersonville, these guys look much too healthy. Better makeup would have made for a more convincing story. Fans of the Civil War will be particularly interested in this film but it has a wider appeal as well. The vignettes really portray the nature of the times.

Reviewed by info-24236 6 / 10 / 10

Great View of Off-Battlefield Life

I thought it gave us a view of life outside of the battlefield and major troop movements we've seen in other movies/docs/shows of the period. It really focuses on what happens if you're not lucky to survive or be killed in action, but are caught by the enemy. The audio and soundtrack were good and not overdone. The cinematography and directing varies by shot a little but captures views of NC we haven't seen before on the big screen. Good color in most shots. The editing needed to be tightened-up a little and could have dropped 10+ minutes of long hangs on shots after the action/point was made to move the movie along a little faster. The main 3 actors as Joseph Hoover, Thomas J. Ryan, and Jim Young were believable, especially Tank Jones as Jim Young, very emotional performance. Trish Cook as Ms. Macintosh wasn't really all that part could have been, just reciting lines and not becoming. Overall worth the time if the period interests you. Feels like the first chapter of a set (I'd see).

Reviewed by arthur_tafero 6 / 10 / 10

Good Story on a Shoestring Budget: Union Bound

This film has problems; some of them severe. Production values would probably head the list. The film appeared to be made for less than $50,000. Obvious use of re-inactment ceremonies by various Civil War groups who trot out once a year to do fake battle were pretty much what this film used. That didnt cost a thing, except for the cameraman and editing. The B actors worked for scale, I am sure, and the story, although interesting, was not strong enough to overcome some lulls in the action and dialogue. The dialogue, most of the time, was not too bad. Some of the secondary characters were obviously first-time actors (or at least I hope they were). It appeared as if several community play groups may have been involved as well. The two primary buddy actors, Ryan and Young, were not too bad, but at times, the dialogue was stilted. Not a bad story, but could have been better with a few more dollars spent on it.

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