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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kristine 6 / 10 / 10

A fun little and big comedy!

Now, I was only 3 when this movie was released, so obviously I couldn't see it in the theater, it never really got brought up in my house, I don't even know anyone who has seen this movie. But I watched I love the 80's one time and they brought up this movie and it looked pretty funny. It had some really nice comedic moments with both Arnold and Danny, they were both so naturally funny and clicked so well together, you'd almost believe they were related, they were so in sync. It's about Arnold and Danny being separated at birth, it was meant for only Arnold to be born and just turn into the perfect human being, he pretty much is, he's kind, sensitive, funny, and disciplined. But there was a side effect and all the badness was born into Danny, Arnold learns he has a brother and flies to New York to see him. Arnold is more obvious as the one who wants a family while Danny is just trying to get his way out of debt with the Mafia. Twins is a fun little comedy that I think anyone could enjoy. Although, it's not my favorite comedy with either Danny or Arnold, they still had so much fun that you couldn't resist this film. Especially how Arnold sings "That good ol' rock -n- roll", just hilarious! 6/10

Reviewed by Avoura 6 / 10 / 10

Beautiful film

This was a great film. The story is of a man (Julius Benedict, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) who grows up on a tropical island with a scientist, and knows nothing of modern society. Then one day he finds out he has a twin brother in L.A. He was also told that his mother died giving birth to him and his brother. When he gets to L.A. he finds his brother, who appears to be nothing like him, sort of an opposite person entirely, although they share some things in common. Julius is very pleasant, sensible, intelligent, Vincent, his brother, is a petty car thief and always getting into trouble. Julius goes looking for where their mother lived and finds she is gone. He finds one of his 6 fathers, but not his mother. He is given an address in New Mexico to find a scientist who was at his birth. (Julius was part of a secret govt experiment to produce a superhuman man). He goes with his brother Vincent to find the scientist, who tells them their mother is alive and well and living near Santa Fe. So they go off looking for her, find her but don't realise it, as she thinks they are tricking her. She was lied to as well, being told that her son was dead, and nothing about the twin son who was born 1 minute later. Add to that some villains chasing the brothers as Vincent is driving a stolen car with a secret jet engine stored in the back, and some comedy along the way, and some magnificent scenery along the way. I thought the relationship between the two twins was great, very well done, and believable. What they said about being a family was very moving. And at the end it all works out well. An excellent film about relationships, family, and what is important in life, and about how to do the right thing, when at the end the twins do the right thing and get rewarded. I recommend this film. If you view it as a violent movie about beating the criminals, it can work on that level, if you view it as a comedy it is quite good too, but as a film about family and relationships is where it really works best, view this with an open heart.

Reviewed by Uriah43 6 / 10 / 10

Unidentical Twins

Created in a lab through DNA experimentation, "Julius Benedict" (Arnold Schwarzenegger) lives on the tropical island with the scientist who designed him and develops into a physical and intellectual giant. Then one he discovers that he has a brother named "Vincent Benedict" (Danny DeVito) who was born just seconds after him. Naturally, Julius is excited to learn that he has a brother and travels half way across the world to meet him. However, when he finally catches up to him he not only has to bail him out of jail but discovers that they are total opposites in just about everything as well. To make matters even more bizarre, Vincent has a girlfriend named "Linda Mason" (Chloe Webb) who just so happens to have a twin sister by the name of "Marnie Mason" (Kelly Preston)—and upon meeting Julius she falls head over heels for him. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was pleasant little comedy which had some amusing moments here and there courtesy of both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. Additionally, having a gorgeous actress like Kelly Preston certainly didn't hurt matters either. Be that as it may, while some of the humor got old after awhile this film remained enjoyable for the most part and I have rated it accordingly. Slightly above average.

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