Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
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Heather Graham as Aunt Opal
Kiefer Sutherland as Arthur Banks
Kyle MacLachlan as Karlock
Mädchen Amick as Jean Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Always Be Happy 9 / 10 / 10

The Fan Edit is Better than the Theatrical Cut

If you are currently watching "Twin Peaks" on Showtime and are a little confused then you should watch "Fire Walk With Me". As much as I am enjoying some of the new episodes of "Twin Peaks" it is a little strange! I know people that have never seen the show before are saying one thing "What the Hell"? I can't blame them because the show seems to be catering to the die hard fans of the show. Most of all it is catering to people that know and remember every character from not only the show but the film "Fire Walk With Me". Now I was always a fan of the television show. I was mad that the show had ended with a cliffhanger. I was happy to hear that "Fire Walk With Me" was coming. A year later when it was released I was shocked that it did not solve the television cliffhanger however I did enjoy the film. I thought it was strange but very good. Fans of the show hated "Fire" because most the cast from the television show were not featured. It also din't help that the film was too violent for some fans. In the television show it was about "Who killed Laura Palmer. "Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me" The film was about why she murdered. I will admit the film is very confusing. The GREEN RING was a new element that was never mentioned in the television show. Also what was really annoying to me was that the murder of Laura slightly differs from what we were told on the television show. In the television show we are told (Through Waldo the Bird) that Laura kept saying "Leo No" and that Laura had a poker chip in her stomach. These events are not shown in "Fire". The assembly cut of the film was rumored to have run over 5 hours. When the the film was released it ran 135 minutes. Most of all the film did not resolve the cliffhanger from the television show. Before the film was released in the USA it Premiered at the "Cannes Film Festival" and it was booed. Now I am not sure if they saw a different version of "Fire" but the film was panned everywhere. This was a shock to David because the pilot to the television show was "The Best Reviewed" television pilot of all time. Well most fans had herd before "Fire's" release was that there was many cut scenes that featured the television cast. For years the fans were hoping that those scenes would turn up somewhere. BE it an extended television cut of the film or a special edition on home video. After all in 1984 David Lynch directed the film "Dune". A few years later when the film when shown on television it had about an hour of never before seen footage so hopes were high that this would be the case for "Fire" but that never happened until 2014 when David Lynch finally released the deleted footage. This was 22 years after the film was released. However these scenes were not edited back into the film. David Lynch likes the theatrical cut of "Fire" so he did not want to tamper with it. However fans did and someone who goes by Q2 made a great edit that included the deleted scenes and in reality it is a better film however, it does run 3 1/2 hours! Best News is that it does solve the cliffhanger from the television show! What is strange is that for a fan edit is that it runs smoother than the theatrical edition. The original theatrical version is shorter but seems longer! Now there is a few scenes that were re- edited back in that were not needed. On the plus side the fan edit does improve the viewers vision on the problems that Laura had to face in the last 7 days of her life! If you ever get the chance to see this edit it is worth watching, It makes "Fire" a masterpiece!

Reviewed by hall895 1 / 10 / 10

For Twin Peaks die-hards only

If you were not a fan of the Twin Peaks television series you would not want to bother watching this film. Fire Walk with Me pretty much requires the viewer to have already seen every episode of the television show. If you haven't you will be well and truly lost as you watch this film unfold in the bizarre Twin Peaks universe. Assuming you have the requisite working knowledge of all things Twin Peaks heading in you'll at least be able to understand the film. Whether you'll like the film is an iffy proposition at best. Fire Walk with Me is a prequel to the television series which means Laura Palmer is alive. But before we can get to Laura there's a thirty-minute or so prologue (a prequel within a prequel?) about the investigation into the murder of Teresa Banks, whom all the Twin Peaks die-hards know was the first victim of the killer who would eventually murder Laura. After what any fan of the television show will see as some typical weirdness, and not much in the way of resolution, the prologue ends and we move forward in time, jumping into the final week of Laura Palmer's life. It's nice to see Laura alive for the first time. The television show had already established Laura was not the sweet, innocent homecoming queen she seemed but her demons were, for the most part, only hinted at on TV. In Fire Walk with Me those demons are on full display. Where the television show was subtle, the movie is in your face. A little too much in your face some might say as David Lynch takes full advantage of all the opportunities provided by producing an R-rated movie. Certainly nothing is held back here as we watch Laura Palmer spiral downward towards her sad end. In the rather brutal telling of the story of Laura Palmer's final days all the charm of the television series has been lost. For all the terrible things that occurred in the series the show always had that small-town, quirky charm. Not here. For the Twin Peaks fan it's nice to see those familiar characters again. And the film does add a lot to the Laura Palmer story and allows you to get to know her much better. But you may come away wishing you hadn't gotten to know her quite so well. Perhaps some things are better left unspoken and unseen. There were two sides of Laura Palmer and this film shows you much too much of the dark side. There was a lot of good in her, watching this film makes it hard to remember that even as you can't help but sympathize with the way she is being taken advantage of and the way she will meet her ultimate fate. If you're a real Twin Peaks fan you really do have to see the movie. There is a lot to like about it. The story is captivating as ever, if decidedly less charming in this go-around. And the performances from the cast are mostly very good, most notably from Sheryl Lee who finally gets to play a living, breathing Laura Palmer after having been introduced to the world dead and wrapped in plastic. And Ray Wise as Laura's father Leland also does fine work in portraying a disturbing and complicated character. We never got to see Leland and Laura interact in the series and their relationship is fascinating to watch. Fascinating and also more than a little creepy as the movie's Leland is a constantly ominous, threatening presence. You'll miss Lara Flynn Boyle who for the film has been replaced in the role of Donna by Moira Kelly. Kelly fails to bring the same spark to the character that Boyle did. And while many of the characters from the show return you'll miss those who notably don't. Audrey and Benjamin Horne, Sheriff Truman, Deputies Andy and Hawk, Doc Hayward and Pete Martell and Big Ed...would have been nice to see them and some others one last time if even just briefly. It is nice to have the opportunity to go back to the Twin Peaks universe. Unfortunately it's not quite the universe you remember. This is a much darker, sinister and decidedly less enjoyable Twin Peaks. Sometimes you can't go home again.

Reviewed by paawsha 1 / 10 / 10

2 hours lost forever in the oblivion !!!

I only singed in to rate this movie 1/10 stars. I just lost 2 hours of my life. It's overly "art" idea made this good idea into a series of cut scenes which are put together bad and make no goddamn sense! This damn movie is for tumblr nerds and overthinking snowflakes! Better watch Mad Max,at least it has a plot!!!!!!!!!!! So fucking REGRETS!!!!!

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