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Reviewed by reuben-82719 8 / 10 / 10


I am usually wary of indy low budget movies and I must say I still was when I saw the first CG shot. I am glad I didn't stick to my prejudices and I kept watching. This is a Stephen King caliber treat, a true masterpiece in terms of originality that leaves you with no regrets or how did that happen tingles. It is worth every single minute of your time.

Reviewed by blackjackel 8 / 10 / 10

One of the best movies of all time

SPOILERS AHEAD, SPOILERS AHEAD! SPOILERS AHEAD! Many people posted bad reviews for the movie because they think it is full of plot holes, If you are one of these people please send me a private message with your plot holes and I will do my best to explain them to you. Some say the main actress acted irrationally without going into detail as to WHY or HOW, again please message me and I will explain. I will attempt to explain some of the major "plot holes" that people think this movie has. I copied and pasted some questions word-for-word from a review that I already read which were common amongst other reviews. Here's a brief transcript in the movie, it is relevant to my explanation: Come check this out. This is the same ship. This thing's old. Jess. Oome on. Oome on. Here's where we boarded. Oh, yeah. Aeolus. Aeolus was the Greek god of the winds and the father of Sisyphus, the man condemned by the gods to the task of pushing a rock up a mountain and let it see roll back down again. That's a shitty punishment. What did he do? He cheated Death. No, he made a promise to Death that he didn't keep. I studied it but I can't remember. 1) What happen at the end when they got into the car crash, and she's perfectly fine? She was wearing a seat belt, while her child was in the back seat without a seat belt and therefore died. If you're wondering why she didn't put a seat belt on her child, see explanation of question 3. Sometimes a seat belt is the difference between dying and walking away without a scratch. 2) Why is it that nobody sees her except for the taxi driver? The taxi driver is death, and he is the reason the loop is happening, if you look at my transcript you'll see that "He cheated death, no, he made a promise to death that he didn't keep". By killing herself and staying alive, she cheated death... Also as she is leaving the taxi, he asks if she'll be black, she says "Yes, I promise", she knows that she can't really be back (as in from the harbor, which is what the taxi driver REALLY asked her), so she made a promise to death that she couldn't keep. If you go re watch the scene where the taxi driver walks up to her for the first time, you will see the colors dim, the movie gets dark, and the music becomes ominous. The taxi driver is death, and this is why he was the only one that can see her. 3) If she remembers everything. She knows exactly why she's going on the sail boat (apparently to go back in time to save her kid), then why is she doing the same thing over and over again? The loop does not happen the EXACT SAME WAY every time, you can see this by the scene where she discovers the bodies of one of her victims, they are strewn all over the place, indicating that the loop happens differently every time. Perhaps the last time the loop happened, her child died in a different way, which is why she isn't EVER able to stop her child dying. For example, when she goes to pick up the dead seagull after hitting it, maybe her child opens the door and runs across the freeway, and dies... maybe in other loops its a heart attack... etc. The only thing wrong with the movie is that she should have been much more paranoid about her child in the end, because she should know that he can die in various ways. Maybe some part of her knows, that, as the taxi driver said "There's nothing anyone can do that's gonna bring him back.", but chooses to continue the loop by going to the harbor because she doesn't care, she would rather live with the faint glimmer that maybe at some point she can save him.

Reviewed by lewiskendell 8 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly excellent.

"You're just having a bad dream. That's all baby. It's all it was. Bad dreams make you think you've seen things that you haven't."  Triangle is a very good movie about Melissa George's perfect legs, and how they...wait, let me try this again.  Triangle is actually an effective, intelligent, layered horror/thriller (starring Melissa George's perfect legs). I can't go into the story very much, as there's not much detail that can be given out with ruining it. I'll just say that a curiously detached young mother and a group of people go out sailing one gorgeous day, get caught in a storm, and find themselves shipwrecked. A massive approaching ocean liner appears to bring salvation, but once they're on-board, it seems strangely deserted. Soon people start dying, and the plot takes a sharp left turn that puts it at a cut above the typical slasher flick that Triangle seems to be at first glance.  I'll admit that I was a little underwhelmed by the movie at first, but it definitely gets much better as it goes along. I really have to give the movie credit for how clever and ambitious it attempts (and succeeds) to be. The best description of Triangle I can give without ruining anything is a combination of The Shining and Donnie Darko, with a really hot lead actress. It's mind-bending in just the right way. There were lots of different points that the story could have fallen apart and stopped making sense, but that never happened. By the end, there are no loose ends. And I'll add that the title is particularly meaningful.  If you're open-minded, attentive, and ready for something slightly different, chances are that you'll love this movie. I certainly enjoyed it.

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