Tom of Finland


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jantestapois 3 / 10 / 10

Gay culture for dummies

A by-the-numbers biopic about a gay man made by utterly boring straight men, the tidy Tom of Finland hasn't got a single memorable moment or line in it. Except, perhaps, the unintentionally hilarious outburst at a German police station where Tom's (real name Touko Laaksonen) friend declares something to the effect of "If you're not careful with your art, they're going to put you in prison!" - as the scene already takes place in one. This is the level of intelligence of the film makers. Aside from an uncomfortably anachronistic performance by Jessica Grabowsky as Touko's sister, the actors are pretty good with Pekka Strang in the lead easily the best thing in the film. Scenes in the U.S. are markedly better than the rest of the movie, but all in all the film fails to deliver anything that feels fresh, daring or new. A truly missed opportunity.

Reviewed by Andres-Camara 7 / 10 / 10

If I were gay I would feel insulted

Why do we always have to put gay people out with leather? In this movie what you see is a lot of sex, although it is not explicit and little of Tom's life. I do not like to talk about other movies when making a criticism, but the occasion deserves it, when I saw The Wolf of Wall Street, I thought it was a sex, drug and alcohol movie, I put it on a three. These are not so radical and it is better but it is mostly the obsession with sex. Is it that gays only think about sex? According to this movie, yes. An old gay friend told me once that the day of pride not only did not represent him but that it offended him, because he was not a puppet in disguise, he was just a boy who liked boys. All the men in this movie dress the same, they do the same thing, they think the same thing, is not it too cliché? The actors are fine, I believe them all, the problem is that I do not see more than the same. He has a photograph that is not bad, but it's not good. The interiors are pretty good and it helps you get in, but it does not become a great photograph. I do not like the editing, it has some flashbacks that I think do not stick and above all there is one that is out of place, all singing. I do not like the address. It's long, it seems he does not know where he's going. The plans are simple and even sometimes distant, too distant, it takes you out. With so many good gay movies out there, I would not see this one.

Reviewed by Kapten Video 7 / 10 / 10

A gay movie for everybody who likes sex

Tom of Finland has his own autobiographical movie now, done by Finns themselves. Appropriate because he is one of them and spent his whole life living among them. Which was brave, because in his time, being found out as homosexual could meant effectively the end of the life as one knew it, including losing your life. Just like, say, paedophiles or terrorists today. I am a bit surprised if you don't know the great late artist's name and/or haven't seen any of his work. Like, for example, Walt Disney or Herluf Bidstrup, he surely is one of the greatest artists of modern time, instantly recognizable and unforgettable for its style and soul. I would say his drawings are like nothing else out there, although I actually don't know much about gay culture and its antics. But this is art at its purest and most powerful. It's unique, it makes you feel something and it talks to you, regardless of your sexual orientation and/or attitude towards homosexuality. Lust is universal. The story is nothing original, the classic "rags to riches" success story blueprints made popular by Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" (1987) that the other movie makers still eagerly copy. Which means that you can often guess where it's going and because of that, there's a risk of reaching the saturation point before the end, probably in the last third. I enjoyed the ride in full, actually, but the risk is real. Maybe it would help that every movie using this formula wouldn't be around two hours long? It's not like it's gonna become magically fresher in long movies after 30 years. But the formulaic story and the typical low-key "I am a Finnish movie" look are not what make "Tom of Finland" shine. But what it lacks in inventive storytelling or visual flashiness, it more than makes up in heart and conviction. It's not just an re-enactment of a famous person's life, you can literally feel the lust that drove him, and men like him, on screen. This is well conveyed by actors, especially Pekka Strang who seems to be straight in real life but does not shiver back from releasing his inner man-eater in hope for making everything come alive on screen. This is not a comical role, and he really dives into the role so you can really buy him as the great artist. All this longing, need to break free from social chains, and satisfaction with getting what he wants seem authentic and real when they show on his face on screen. Watching the gay scene, forced into hiding and later coming out in the open, is interesting as well. Creeping around, always giving out and trying to read subtle signs from other men, and desperation in the danger of being found out. The director has done a great job bringing this alive, as history lesson which is also entertaining to watch. This is Finland's entry for the Best Foreign Language Film competition at 2018 Academy Awards. I think it's not "serious" enough to have a realistic chance of winning... but who knows. Dome Karukovski is quite a big deal among modern Finnish movie directors, says IMDb. So... "Tom of Finland": an artist and now a movie even straight people can like! I know I do. If you want recent similar movie suggestions, check out 2013's "Behind the Candelabra" starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, it's great! If I have any gay or bi readers, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie.

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