Think Like a Man


Comedy / Romance

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Arielle Kebbel as Lucy Mills
Jessica Camacho as Yesenia
Kevin Hart as Snowball
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bradprit 9 / 10 / 10

Funny and touching romantic movie

At first I didn't want to watch, but having lots of spare time made me watch it to kill the time. It turned out very nice, I ended with laughter, tears, and fell in love to this movie. At the beginning they talk a lot which a little bit boring, but it is the matter of process because this movie contains some stories which connected each others. Lots of things we can learn about relationships from this movie. Worth to watch and the soundtracks are good, too.

Reviewed by Fallen Eye 2 / 10 / 10

Love in War.

When I first watched this movie, I believe I took it a bit too seriously, because it's based on an actual book, from an actual man, who seems to think he actually has all the answers. It left a bitter taste in my mouth, and though enjoyable, I found it thoroughly irritating. Years later, I watched it again, because it was playing on TV and I had nothing better to do, and I found it quite enjoyable this time around, funny too. Steve Harvey still continues to be obnoxiously irksome though. I took it far less seriously, and found myself delighted by its ebullience. The ladies are absolutely gorgeous, and are a magnificent ensemble. The guys also come together very well, and the cast as a whole compliment Tim Story's, well... Think Like A Man is an enjoyable RomCom, though it has quite a few bits about it that are really not all that realistic - Steve Harvey Jibba Jabba. My one wish is for it to have not been based on that "book".

Reviewed by Katerina Lp 2 / 10 / 10


I don't mind a good rom-com (which is indeed kinda rare),but this isn't one of them. I disliked the book,as i found it repetitive,rather sexist (not only towards women) and condescending. (Please stick to comedy Harv,stay away from life advice and beauty pageants). I expected a similar theme in the movie,but i thought,especially after seeing the casting,it could at least be witty,funny..instead,it was a "hangover" from hell, with a bunch of lads in unhappy relationships. Clichés,outdated stereotypes,topped with unnecessarily crude humour,and a bunch of guys teasing their mate for being,potentially,a victim of domestic violence. The successful woman who just has to be unhappy and lonely,while the successful man is perfectly fine,men being clueless and afraid of commitment,women being needy and cunning,etc etc.. A recipe that seems to work for years,but has gotten old.Kinda disappointed,as the cast is quite attractive and talented. In conclusion,nothing cool or original about this film,hardly a fan.

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