The Wild Pear Tree



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sraswel 10 / 10 / 10

repeating the awesome experience of Winter Sleep

I remember very well the night I watched Winter Sleep in cinema. The movie was 3+ hrs and once it finished, I didn't notice at all we have spent 3 hrs watching. I could easily go more. That night experience is one the sweetest experiences that I ever had with Cinema. I was hoping to repeat the same experience and damn it again happened. The movie is story of a graduated guy that returns to his village. He wants to be writer. He has a once respected but now gambler father that is the reason of shame for him. He hates the village and all the people there. He wishes even to destroy there. The movie is the story of relationship of a son and father. Father as symbol of identity of the son. The feeling of moving on from your own identity and yet sill being stuck in it. Sinan hates his father but at the same time pities him. He wishes he could move on. At the end of movie Sinan realizes that the father is the wisest and sees himself in father. The father is the wild pear tree and so the Sinan. Bilge Ceylan was photographer and you can find amazing pictures in his movie. The scene that is taken from high and they are driving the truck in snow is amazing. The movie has some masterpiece scenes such as Sinan encounter with Hatice. The way their chat goes and twists to a erotic end, mix with the winds that splashes Hatice hair is so well made.

Reviewed by billurdabak 9 / 10 / 10

Wild Pear Tree: An incomparable experience

Is it possible to feel the same things with somebody struggling to build his own life, the difficulties he faces to be free from his parents' expectations or oppressions, to realize that they are not his supporters but his obstacles?.maybe a part of it, yes the duration of the film may be longer than the standards (who determines them?) at the end i felt that every scene was necessary to get closer to Sinan's feelings. Asuman who watches a Yilmaz Guney's film, the mother slapping his son's face scene in that film, maybe inspired her to make "why you didn't get the money from him" conversation with her own son or the imams and Sinan's debate about faith, the famous writer's and Sinan dialogue then conflict..even the scene about the tight budget of the lottery salesman maybe reminded Sinan his father's situation. I feel very lucky to watch this film in its original language and I'm still digesting it but as soon as the film ended, i felt like Idris, Asuman, Sinan and all other people around him are still living there, in that town Çan!

Reviewed by goren-60463 9 / 10 / 10

Very Powerful No Agitation

Again another film with lots of characters from real life with universal concerns and problems reflected very successfully... Another part I liked about this film is small town people having some deep existential discussions made very natural where nothing stands out as made up or boring. I must say I am as much or even more intrigued by the father character where him being different, isolated and looked down by others because of somewhat materialistic failures in his life (gambling etc.), but yet somewhat he represents the true success in life by living a self sufficient life in a small basement, with a dog and other animals, still with a sense of humor, with no harm done to anyone or expecting much of anything from anyone, and in the end perhaps being the least depressed. Furthermore certainly by being the only person who cared for his son's writing. Like many people to me the more I think about the film afterwards means the better that film is and I sure still think about, and digest this film and the anecdotes within.

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