The Trust


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Elijah Wood as Sigma 1 episode, 2012
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Nicolas Cage as Frank Pierce
Steven Williams as Robert Colburn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mybeat 3 / 10 / 10

Never been so disappointed | nonsense story & ending - Cage is great

This is my first review, because the film started good and then there was this horrible ending! Without any logic or depth in character. Really i mean no logic at all. It just makes you hate this movie and feels like it stole your time! The acting was good. I liked Nicolas Cage and his role. *Spoilers* Why would you not trust the guy who serves you potentially hundreds of millions worth of diamonds? And why do you trust a woman/hostage that you don't know at all, but is waiting in a house with other criminals, where there are more weapons than in an armory like Sil said in his review! Why are you so willing to kill your partner without any reason to doubt him? Its just stupid and I usually like movies that have a twist and a different ending than the usual Hollywood blockbuster. But this is just nonsense for the sake of an unusual ending.

Reviewed by blkwdw 3 / 10 / 10

Grabs you on the edge of your seat, then wanders off track like an extra from the Walking Dead

The rating is calculated like this... 9 out of 10 for ACTING/CINEMATOGRAPHY 0 out of 10 for Writing Suicide Can't blame the original screenwriter as I am unaware if this was their undoing or the work of some higher up. Some people write to be unique and artistic, but not everyone can get away with it. The Trust starts out as a brilliant film, but then writes into confusion around the 3rd act, and in the end figuratively leaves you atop a mountain like Frodo and Sam in part one of The Lord of the Rings (TLOTR). It gives the feeling that the director couldn't be bothered completing this film. Sadly there is no part two or three for this film. Had they gone with a more thorough and adaptive ending, this film might have been on the same caliber as Boondock Saints or Reservoir Dogs. I hate to say it, but this is a perfect example for writers to watch so they can learn what NOT to do with the ending of of a screenplay...

Reviewed by Wizard-8 3 / 10 / 10

Not awful, but doesn't work

I think that with having watched this movie, I have fully realized that Nicholas Cage's choosing of projects in recent years has been almost completely poor. While this particular project is not the worst he has done, it is all the same a very unsatisfying viewing experience. There's not really anything wrong with the movie's basic premise - two cops deciding to pull off a heist- even though it's not an original one. There are a few good touches here and there, ranging from some nice music to acceptable production values for a direct to DVD project. The script, however, could have used some more work. The two central cop characters aren't fleshed out enough at the beginning, so we don't know what to think of them when they decide to pull off the heist. Also, it is really unclear whether the filmmakers want us to sympathize with these characters or not. A bigger problem is that the heist portion of the movie - the main selling point - isn't particularly exciting or tense. Instead, there is an almost casual feeling, despite the fact that there are unplanned factors that happen to the two cops during the process. Jerry Lewis fans should also know that he's is totally wasted here, appearing in just two small scenes. The movie never gets to be downright boring, I admit, but even then there really isn't much here that will grab even the most patient viewers.

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