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Reviewed by hellraiser7 10 / 10 / 10

Monster Crusader

This film believe or not is one of my favorate films of all time, it's also kinda another one of my childhood gems, well more like my teen gems, I'll explain. It kinda was a gradual build for me, I first discovered this franshise from the cartoon show "Toxic Crusaders" which I thought was cool and I didn't even know at the time this was loosely inspired/based on the movie "The Toxic Avenger". I didn't see this film until I lot latter when I was a teenager about 16 and I'll admit it blew me away it wasn't entirely what I was expecting but that what made it all the better as it was outrageously fun and funny; watching it now as an adult is even more fun and funner than before. It's also one of the films that actually inspired me, yes I'm not kidding in writing and getting into the entertainment business. This film to me really turned things on their head let alone turned up the notch on violence, effects, comidy, and the superhero genere up to 11. The content and wild expressionism in this film wasn't common place at the time, it was defenantly before some of the TV shows "South Park", "The Simpsons" which are just as nuts, and that's part of what made the film great for me because it wasn't afraid of being what it wanted fun while doing what it wanted. This film was made on a low budget but I felt it was money well spent just showing that you can still make a good fun film despite limitations; as opposed to most big budget film where some tend to disappoint because they forgot one curcial element fun. The music is great it's one of my favorate movie soundtracks I really like the song "Body Talk" which is a catchy tune and a fun one to use if you ever want to do aerobics or fitness training. This film of course were in it for the action and comidy and like any well done floor it shines on both. The comidy is great the whole thing plays out like a live action Mad Magazine cartoon, it's rich in both verbal and visual humor. I also feel has a bit of replay value because sometimes watching this again I can pick up on more jokes that might have flied over me. The characters are fun, everyone in Tromaville are kinda live action Mad Magazine characters because not everyone is totally normal there is always something unusal about them or are just crazy. From villain despite unlikeable which is the point their still funny, like Cigarface as well as the two health club bullies Slug and Bozo whom are all true to their names, let alone the fact Bozo has got some real impulse problems as he gets easily stressed and angry over the smallest or stupidest thing, it cracks me up whenever he blows up. And Toxic/Melvin whom is a soild superhero. I really love the makeup design on him where he's ugly but actually plesent looking. The voice is great as it perfectly fits whom he is strong and authoritative, but also a bit quirky. But the funny thing about him is he's the only person in Tromaville that is actually sane which makes him sort of the straight man in the film. But what I really like about him is how acessable a hero he is as he's more of a local, he doesn't go to some Justice League or Avengers whom are always too busy fighting big threats from somewhere and for some reason never having time for common ones which is weard despite their money and resources. He stays in town to help out whoever is in trouble doing the best he can to make his home liveable, he has no fancy weapons he uses whatever he has to his advantage making him resourceful. But also what I like is how thoughout the film from his actions he not just makes Tromaville safer but he creates a sense of community which to me is the underlying message in the film about the power of the individual and community . I really like the use of satirical humor where it's pokes fun and is suttle in the subjects it's pointed out and underlined. From Pollution and how completely irresponsible and amoral companies are in handling hazadarious chemicals, thinking about how much money they'll make instead of the dire consequences they create. Urban crime and how not enough is being done because of corruption going on in the higher departments. As well as how powers that be trying to tyrannically control indiviuals and community. The action is great, the fights are well chorigraphed and the gore effects are on par. I really like how before the action begins it's a suspenseful build as we see an innocent/innocent bystanders are in trouble one reason or another as they are being terrorized and even slaughtered by these really awful evil people and your thinking he's coming, he's coming any minute now. And then just when it gets down to the wire Toxie comes in and I just cheer because he's coming in to clean up the scum of the Earth. One of my favorate battles of all time is the battle at the "Taco Time" like restarurant where he's battling this gang of three but has a martial arts one on one fight with one of them that takes out nunchus and even uses a katana. And of course the kills in this film are great the practical gore effects are top notch. The kills are creative, colorful, and a slight blackly comic edge sort of like Jason and his kills in the "Friday the 13th" films only difference is it's bad guys Toxie is killing whom all get what they deserve. My favorate kill is of course the legendary head crushing scene which in a way pertains to our subconscious fear of getting hurt or worse from exercise equipment. Well I've said enough, "The Toxic Avenger" is messy fun. Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 8 / 10 / 10

Troma's best horror/gore exploitation.

I saw this way back on a VHS in the late 80s. Revisited it recently on a DVD. The effects still looks good. The gore effects is terrific. Arms get ripped off, heads get bashed together until the skulls burst open, and guts get ripped out from people's stomachs. Ther r two scenes that involve a head being crushed. The first one is that of a child on a bicycle n i found it to b offensive n repulsive. The other scene takes place inside the health club. This scene was shot way before the one in Final destination - gym scene. The plot is about a weakling janitor who is harassed by sadistic gym goers. In one harassment the janitor jumps out from the window n lands himself in a drum full of toxic waste. Later the janitor turns into a strong n hulk like deformed freak who fights off the evil men. The guy who played the janitor is hilarious with his pathetic facial expressions.

Reviewed by framptonhollis 8 / 10 / 10

absurdist horror satire

A young, innocent boy rides his bicycle at night, before his fragile body is thrust against the violent face of a speeding car. He is purposefully run over by a maniacal group of masochist teens. The scene in which this atrocity occurs in "The Toxic Avenger" actually works as a comedic highlight.'s that kind of movie. This is the cult classic posterchild of Troma's line of horror comedies, and it is certainly among the most memorable and chaotic cheesy flicks of the 1980's. Unlike many other ridiculous, low budget horror movies, "The Toxic Avenger" is an intentional comedy; a movie that mixes disturbing themes, black humor, occasionally sharp social satire, and absurd, surrealist HORROR MOVIE MADNESS! This is a movie that refuses to hold back any punches. Gore, drugs, sex, violence, masturbating to photos of dead children-it's all here, and it's all darkly hilarious! Recommended for those who enjoy B-movies, satirical black comedy, and shocking exploitation cinema.

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