The Thinning


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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November 29, 2019


Kiersten Warren as Barbara Michaels
Laura Harring as Georgina Preston
Peyton List as Ellie
Ryan Newman as Sarah Foster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by duanekimball 4 / 10 / 10

For a land of smart people, why is everyone so stupid

Just a few nitpicky things that will drive you nuts. 1) This is a thinning of the population via testing scores. So why are all the security guards so stupid. Also, who is going to want to work at Burger Queen? 2) A test this important that can easily be cheated or manipulated..not likely 3) No funerals for the people killed? 4) I was gathering from the dialog that Texas has this test but other states may not. Why live there? (or in the USA if it the only testing country) 5) Did I mention the guards... not only are they stupid, they can't fight either 6) There is no twist at the end because wouldn't there be fewer people to take the test each year, hence no need to make LOTS of testing machines?

Reviewed by jayadore 2 / 10 / 10

Flawed plot, bad acting and loose ends.

How? How can a plot have that many holes in it?! Not only that, but the amount of dead weight within the plot that either lead to nothing in particular or provided no depth to the overall arch of the story line and just flopped. The acting was cringe worthy at best and although it's an interesting idea, the whole YouTube starts a production company thing, if you're going to do it YouTube, please, do it right. Giving YouTube or in this case Vine stars a platform to fulfill their 5 second dream of being an actor might initially bring viewers but I can guarantee it'll be short lived. Nothing and I do mean nothing that I've watched off Red seems to have a hint of intelligent thought in it, and this was no exception.

Reviewed by shinnstoneer 2 / 10 / 10

I think this movie wanted to make a political statement...

There are definitely spoilers that follow. The requirement to suspend one's disbelief is large in this film. It also seems to be written by a strong left leaning liberal mind but that's almost a certainty in our entertainment culture in the US. First, one must accept that the United Nations has grown to a point where it can dictate to all nations an annual 5% reduction in population as a response to Climate Change. Then it must be accepted that Americans have willingly approved a system that executes a large number of school age children one every year for low test scores. This starts with children in the 1st grade. As if The Purge isn't out there enough already this film includes the execution of what appears to be more than 5% of each school's class when you look at the class size and number of students executed...starting with 5 year old children. I'm not sure if this is supposed to make us fear Climate Change or politicians more as it is implied this is very popular with the Texas government and its Governor who will run for President. Obviously this couldn't have happened in California, right? The big twist at the end is that a huge global business is behind it all and the kids aren't actually being executed...they're being forced to work at the factory making the tablets the students use for the annual test. It didn't show any younger or older children at that point so maybe they work for one year and then they execute them...hard to know...what is certain is that even 5% of every child taken every year would be way more tablet assemblers than required. They take 5% every year from 1st to 12th grade...essentially only 54 of 100 survive to graduate high school. Here is another thing that must be accepted...the parents who allow their children to go to school one day knowing 1 in 20 won't return home also do not demand their body to have a bury. These are just a few of the major things you must accept to begin enjoying this movie...a low budget is not responsible for a nonsensical story plot.

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