The Spirit of Christmas


Drama / Mystery / Romance

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Jen Lilley as Luna Gilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Irishchatter 9 / 10 / 10

It's all about the ghost of Christmas past!

This Christmas movie is definitely a different one because I never seen a film where a ghost falls in love with a modern girl 95 years later. It does remind you of Patrick Swayze's 'Ghost' or they took the past ghost idea of Charles Dickens 'Christmas Carol'. I really liked hearing Jen Lilley's voice, she has such a voice that you are immediately dying for. She's like so stunning for an actress that I never even knew she was in a few well known films! Since she is a singer, she should've sang a Christmas song in this, she would make this film more Christmassy! Thomas Beaudoin was excellent playing as the ghost, he really has the looks of a handsome gentlemen from 95 years ago. I say it was the make up and outfit that made him attractive! I like how this movie was also a mystery, we are able to dig deep into the time he was killed and what his life was like then. Throughout, the only thing I was questioning myself like why did his killer kill him? I could say it was pretty horrible for the poor guy to not know this for all these years! You would be thinking in the ghost world, what are the answers? I wish we could see people who have left us and that we would be able to help them figure out their past! This movie is absolutely stunning and brilliant! I would suggest this as a good film to take a look at :)

Reviewed by sammuncy 8 / 10 / 10

Christmas mystery

This is a unique take on TV Christmas movies. I enjoy watching most TV Christmas movies but so many are pretty predictable kind of like they are out of a box and just fill in the blanks and have an unnaturalness in the acting. But this movie is different and has a great plot and very good acting and very good sets. I challenge anyone to find a Christmas TV movie like this one. Fun to watch and very different from the Christmas TV movie standard formula. During the whole movie I was interested and not sure of how things were going to turn out, which is something I like in a movie. The lead female was very good and very believable and just a natural for the part. And the lead male was equally as good and well suited to the part. And the supporting cast fit very well. I never once lost interest or was able to jump to the ending in my mind.

Reviewed by juneebuggy 8 / 10 / 10

Better than average and unique Christmas ghost story

I actually really enjoyed this. It's well done as far as made-for-TV Christmas movies go, with a unique story and decent mystery attached. It also wasn't as corny or cliché as most holiday themed movies tend to be and I wasn't ever sure how the story was going to play out especially in regards to the happily-ever-after. The acting and sets were very good too, including real snow, as I've seen some Xmas movies which were obviously filmed mid summer. The story follows Kate, a lawyer who travels to Vermont to broker the sale of an inn and learns that the reason it won't sell is because it's haunted by a man who cannot move on until the mystery of his death (95 years ago) is solved. I have to admit one of the reasons I enjoyed this as much as I did was down to Thomas Beaudoin who plays the ghost. I've never seen him in anything before but he was excellent. Decent acting and super good looking. He really pulled off a man from the turn of the century. Daniel as our ghost only appears 12 days each year and then disappears back into his static between world again. He is grumpy and perpetually hungry for his 12 days at the inn, wanting just to be left alone. Despite Kate finds herself drawn to the ill-tempered spirit, determined to help him and they soon find themselves in an unlikely time crossed romance. 12/23/15

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