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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slightlymad22 6 / 10 / 10

James Woods Steals The Show

Continuing my plan to watch every Sly Stallone movie in order, I come to 1994's The Specialist. Plot In A Paragraph: Sylvester Stallone is Ray Quick, a freelance bomb expert who lives off the grid. (Don't worry he is a good guy underneath, it is Stallone after all, he won't kill innocent people, takes in stray cats and gives up his seat to pregnant women on buses) May Munro (Sharon Stone) contacts him and wants him to kill the three men who killed her family years ago, who work for the Leon crime family, headed by Joe (Rod Steiger) and his son Tomas (a fun Eric Roberts) Their head of security Ned (A brilliant scene stealing turn by James Woods) Just happens to be Ray's former partner. Ray Quick has to be the blandest and dullest character had played at this point. I'm not sure if he was bored in the role, but he sleep walks his way through the movie. Like with 'Cobra' we get shots of Sly looking mean and moody behind his shades, or intense and moody as he works on a bomb. Lots of posing as he listens to Stones voice over and over as he stalks her. Lots of posing not much actual acting. Sharon Stone does, what Sharon Stone did at that point of her career, look good and take her clothes off. Eric Roberts (how did this man not have a bigger career?? I'd much rather watch him on screen than his sister) is a lot of fun, and actually under used. Steiger is surprisingly under whelming, which is a shame. But it's James Woods who this movie belongs too!! He is simply fantastic, and the movie is s lot poorer when he is not on screen. So once again, for the second movie in a row, Stallone is completely overshadowed by his costar. Like Wesley Snipes in 'Demolition Man', James Woods not only steals every scene he is in, he walks away with the full movie!! You could argue three with John Lithgow in Cliffhanger As with Nighthawks and Demolition Man, Stallone had scenes cut featuring the villain (This time Woods) and more shot with himself (the scene with the thugs on the bus, and the one where Roberts threatens Sly with a knife) at the last minute. It made no difference, Woods still stole the movie. Despite a relatively short running time, it actually feels a lot longer than it is. An interesting note on this is David Fincher was set to direct this at one stage. Stallone liked Fincher, and wanted him, but he was overruled by the producers, because of the failure of Alien 3. Instead they went with Luis Llosa, who had directed the straight to video 'Fire On The Amazon' with a Sandra Bullock and Sniper with Tom Berenger in 1993. Whilst Llosa's career went nowhere (he only directed 2 more movies after this) whilst Fincher made the mega hit Se7en a year later.

Reviewed by Tweekums 4 / 10 / 10

Fairly predictable action but fun none the less

Ten years previously Ray Quick and Ned Trent worked together; Ray rigged bombs and Ned triggered them. The worked for the CIA targeting some very dubious characters but had a falling out when Ned wouldn't abort a mission because there was a child in a drug dealer's car. Afterwards Ray sees to it that Ned no longer works for the CIA. When May Munro was a child she witnessed the murder of her parents at the hands of Tomas Leon, son of Miami drug lord Joe Leon, and two of his henchmen; now she want to hire Ray to take them out as he specialises in hits that only take out the target not innocent bystanders. Initially he declines but as he sees her putting herself in danger he accepts the job. It won't be that easy though; after the first target is taken out Joe Leon employs Ned to find the killer; he also bribes a corrupt police chief to make Ned lead the investigation into the killing. As Ray closes in on his targets it becomes apparent that May might not have been as trustworthy as first appeared; she may be using Ray to get her revenge but Ned is using her to draw Ray out so he can get his revenge. This might not be a classic of the genre but it contains enough enjoyable material to make it worth watching. The story is a bit cliché and there aren't too many surprises but the action is solid and there are plenty of impressive explosions which lead to some inventive deaths for the bad guys; most notable when an overhanging hotel room is blown up and collapses into the sea, landing on a thug who had already been blown through the window. We also get an entertaining fight scene early on where Ray deals with some yobs on a bus. While the cast aren't on top form they are certainly good enough; Stallone is solid as Ray and Sharon Stone brings some sexiness to the role of May. However it is James Woods who steals the show as Ned; he may be a bit of a pantomime villain but he is still entertaining in an over the top way. Overall I'd say that this is worth watching if you are a fan of the genre or of Stallone films.

Reviewed by Uriah43 4 / 10 / 10

A Big Disappointment All the Way Around

This movie begins in Colombia with two men named "Ray Quick" (Sylvester Stallone) and "Ned Trent" (James Woods) getting ready to blow up a car being driven by a drug lord when Ray spots a child in the backseat and tells Ned to abort the mission. But when his partner refuses--and the bomb subsequently explodes and kills both passengers—a fight ensues which results in extremely bad feelings between them afterward. The scene then shifts to Miami where a beautiful woman named "May Munro" (Sharon Stone) has request that Ray kill three men who murdered her parents when she was a child. The problem is that Ray is an explosives expert and doesn't feel comfortable with the job at hand. But after following May in order to gather more information concerning the task at hand he reluctantly agrees. Yet, even though his assignment is certainly difficult, what he doesn't know is that Ned has formed an uneasy business partnership with these men and he has been forewarned that Ray might be coming after them. Needless to say, Ned would love another opportunity to get back at Ray for what happened earlier. At any rate, having reviewed the basic plot I must admit that, in spite of the solid cast, this film turned out to be more than a little disappointing. For starters, it appeared that neither Sylverster Stallone nor Sharon Stone really cared that much about this film and simply went through the motions. Be that as it may, while those who like pyrotechnics might enjoy this film, I must say that—given the quality cast--I don't think it lived up to its potential and I have rated it accordingly. Slightly below average.

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