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Reviewed by l_rawjalaurence 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent Live Recording of a Classic Musical

THE SOUND OF MUSIC - LIVE! is a comparative rarity on television these days - a revival recorded in an East London studio but broadcast as live, as if performed in a theater. It recalled those halcyon days in the Seventies and Eighties when both ITV and the BBC videotaped productions originally designed for the West End, Stratford-on-Avon and the Chichester Festival Theatre. Coky Giedroyc and Richard Valentine's production was a straightforward one, emphasizing the choreography but using the camera to tell the story, as if it were an actor on the stage. Hence this was not a "flat" filming, with the camera confined by the proscenium, but a three-dimensional filming, making use of plenty of close-ups and panning shots. It used televisual techniques to emphasize the emotion of the piece on several occasions. Although well-known to most viewers, both in its stage and film versions, THE SOUND OF MUSIC still has the capacity to stir the emotions. This is chiefly due to a strong book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, which does not shy away from the sinister political overtones of the story. The songs might be saccharine in places, but the plot certainly isn't. Giedroyc and Valentine's production brought out the gradual change of character wrought in Captain Georg von Trapp (Julian Ovenden), as he discovered the effect that Maria had on his children. His pliability contrasted with Maria (Kara Tointon), a strong-willed personality who knew that what she was doing was right, even if Von Trapp disagreed with it. Set against this couple was the oleaginous Max (Alexander Armstrong) a slimy character if ever there was one, who willingly accepted the dictates of Nazism without understanding their basically evil purposes. The singing was, on the whole, extremely good, while the orchestrations (by Michael England) were both lush yet melodic. Critics described THE SOUND OF MUSIC - LIVE! as an example of "event" television, designed to lure jaded viewers away from online service providers and back to terrestrial channels. If this was the purpose, then I can only say that it was admirably fulfilled. I sincerely hope that ITV repeats the experiment.

Reviewed by david_kravitz 10 / 10 / 10

Absolutely Fabulous

This production went out live on a giant stage in London. It was not simply great, it was magnificent. Incredible production values and a wonderful cast. It follows the original stage show (almost) which means that the two deleted numbers from the film version are restored but "something good" written for the film is added. The original sequence of songs and orchestrations are there as well. I will not single out any of the cast as this would be unfair, they all perform to perfection and never once do you yearn for Julie Andrews or Christopher Plummer. There are no silly English accents with a German/Austrian twang. The kids are good too, again I single out no one. I think that an audience might have helped but this would not be possible, technically given the size of the sets. And if you want to see how it was done, there is a documentary "The making of ....". I presume that this will be available on DVD if you didn't record it live. Go out and buy it - and play it over and over again. Well done ITV.

Reviewed by n-freemanhr 10 / 10 / 10

A million times better than the American version!

'The Sound of Music' is my all time favourite film and I have watched it countless times. In addition, I have seen several theatre productions and this was up there with the best. Those who compare this to the film and contrast actors' choices in portraying their parts are missing the point - this is not intended to be a remake of the film. Of course different actors will bring their own personality to the role - it would be merely a pointless rip-off if they tried to imitate every nuance of the film. Julian Ovenden seems to have been particularly subject to criticism but I think he captures the emptiness that the Captain's life has had since losing his wife, and also his cold and distant nature which warms gradually with Maria's influence. The staging of the Laendler dance between Maria and the Captain was stunning as the background characters slowed down for certain sections. Also, the 2 songs of the stage version sung by Elsa and Max were brilliant comic relief. Overall, I thought this was brilliant all round. I'm so glad that it was different from the film otherwise it would be just a replica which could never live up to the original. Don't try to see it as being a would-be replacement for the film, rather as being an independent version in a different medium that we can treasure alongside the film and other productions. For critics, I suggest you definitely avoid the American version of 'The Sound of Music Live' as that truly had acting that was unconvincing and wooden.

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