The Seduction



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Andrew Stevens as Band Leader Max
Colleen Camp as Robin
Michael Sarrazin as Brandon
Morgan Fairchild as Ms. Robinson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jameswilliams784 7 / 10 / 10

A decent Stalker Movie

I first saw this movie when it first came out and I was still in the Army. I enjoyed it then, probably because of Morgan Fairchild but recently saw it again and decided to comment on it, especially after I read some peoples negative reviews. This movie in my opinion delivers with its plot. There is no doubt that Morgan is being stalked and there is no doubt that the stalker has every intention of getting to Morgan. I thought Morgan Fairchild was very good in this movie, especially when you consider that she was a lot more of an inexperienced actress at the time this movie was made. Andrew Stevens was very good as the stalker and the rest of the cast was fine. You could certainly remake this movie with a bigger budget and get a very good movie. This movie is not a classic but its certainly a watchable movie. Watching this movie you will get into the plot and you will be wondering what the stalker is going to do next.

Reviewed by KUAlum26 8 / 10 / 10

The nude scenes give it some value

I've seen this movie about three times,and its preposterousness(is that a word or did I just make one up?)made it something that practically all parties involved,particularly the leads, would probably want to forget they took part in. Having said that,it is at least marginally interest-emitting and,of course,lovingly sexual. I recall that when this movie was being primed for release in early 1982,the selling point was almost entirely around the (still)lovely Morgan Fairchild--who,at the time,was nursing a floundering career after her series "Flamingo Road" was left to whither on the vine by NBC--and her sex/nude scenes. Sure enough,the scenes where she is sans trow are lovingly shot and have a lushness of editing and sound(her bubble bath scene has a particularly rapturous feel,reminiscent of Angie Dickinson's opening scene in Dressed to Kill) that would make the viewer believe that Andrew Stevens' creepy script boy stalker ISN'T the only one stalking Fairchild's eye-candy news anchor-lady. Another IMDb commenter gave away some perceivably important plot points. Suffice it to say,the thriller/suspense/mystery element of this movie languishes behind the soft-core erotic quality of the film up until the last twenty minutes of the film,when suddenly the urgency of a dangerous stalker(with amazing ability to hide and enter people's abodes)with rapist/deadly abilities comes to the top of the agenda. This is probably ONLY a recommend for FAirchild fans and worshipers,since it is a donut-hole without her.

Reviewed by blanbrn 8 / 10 / 10

A film that at it's time brought the stalking issue to front headlines. This picture is also a good erotic suspense thriller.

Long before the days of anti stalking laws and before it was a crime just to even look at a woman if she suspected fear, this film "The Seduction" shed light on the issue of stalking bringing it to the headlines. As in the early 80's when the film was made most states had yet to impose stalking laws, as the victims were put thru a lot of torment just as the Fairchild character was in this film. Yet thru the years with attractive stars, newscasters, and sports sideline reporters being the victims of stalkers the issue has came to the forefront and the laws against stalking are broad and tough. Mostly the well known and attractive are targets and this film showcased that well. "The Seduction" is one underrated early 80's thriller with plenty of suspense and erotic drama. Set in L.A. anchorwoman Jamie Douglas(the beautiful and attractive Morgan Fairchild)is at the top of her game with cover girl looks, a beautiful California hills home, and a top rated news show along with a tough guy lover Brandon(Michael Sarrazin). Yet add one big negative and that's Jamie has a strange and obsessed fan a crazed and lonely admirer named Derek(B movie legend Andrew Stevens). Right away when Jamie says no to Derek's romantic offer, he becomes off the chain in his obsession one by one it's the strange phone calls, letters, flowers, to the eventual following of Jamie to work, the mall and even her own home. Derek's snapshots of Jamie's most private and personal moments are at an all time high as this obsessed guy is now a regular pepping tom! Yet the police can't assist as in these times before the anti stalking laws were written this was a laugh, so revenge and stoppage must come from Jamie! Overall this film was a joy to watch for it's suspense and erotic scenes proving that many like Derek become obsessed with a beautiful attractive lady. And these obsessions can take a turn for the worst, and this film in my opinion shed light on the issue of stalking as it probably helped push for strict laws and tougher guidelines. Overall this is one film not to miss.

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