The Russian Bride


Horror / Thriller

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Corbin Bernsen as Brian Fuller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DaRude2018 1 / 10 / 10

A good lesson for girls that have to offer nothing than themselves

Prince Charming is only for princesses. For the rest, there are good eyes and a functional brain, where none then there is a story like this movie. Treasures are never in plain sight and fortune favor only the lucky.

Reviewed by aporlando 6 / 10 / 10

Not the movie I was expecting; it was more.

Portrays an honest mother trying to get my, wanting to provide more for her daughter. A man who does what he wants to another with no remorse takes advantage of this woman and her daughter. What is astonishing is the extent others go through to enable this despicable man, I am speaking of his servants there in the home. Yet deep inside each know their role, and play it well. I would never boost an actor playing the role of a bad person because deep inside of me I realize there must be some of "that" character at home with others. Which is necessary to bring out and say because the female role played here shows a natural honesty of herself while around others outset this set. A good movie to learn from, not so easy to watch because most of us share something in common with either the servants, or Corbin Benson; a few of us are like the star of this film Oksana Orlan", and if you are like me then we must agree these numbers should increase. Everyone wants to escape the realities, it is impossible to do alone. And we would not be in this predicament if we were around others who support us in the ways that matter. If we are willing to go along and turn our heads to wrong full things, then image what another over there is turning their head to.

Reviewed by omendata 6 / 10 / 10

Gore-mungous, Hammer-tastic Female Revenge Thriller - So Sweet!

Some other reviewer mentioned that the acting was shocking. well not really most of the cast were not that great but Corbin and in particular Oksana Orlan made the movie for me - she was rather sexy and a real tough ass kicker and her acting was far and away superb in my opinion - she made the movie for me. Stellar performance Oksana Orlan don't let the critics get you down. So many critics these days cannot just sit and watch a movie without digging out plot holes and other inconsequential drivel - its a HORROR movie, they are not known for their literary masterpiece or amazing plots or acting - I go to watch and leave this world behind and become immersed in what is on the screen, not sitting nit picking every little detail, how accurate the historical details are - oh man those people bore the hell out of me, a bit like Mark Kermode and his dissection of a movie into its minutae and that would be fair if the movie was a great epic but folks this is a tongue in cheek horror / thriller and you get what is on the tin so save the literary criticism for War & Peace and let ordinary folks just enjoy the film. I guess some people have lost the inner child and have become old before their time - I can still sit and watch Doctor Who from the 1970's or Space 1999 and believe its not a rainy quarry in Newcastle on a wet Sunday afternoon but the Sontaran homeworld and I am over 50 and that is what a lot of people seemingly cannot do these days - I pity them, what a bore life must be for you! I digress, well the story has been done many times before notably with a French movie whose name eludes me for now and many copies thereafter and it does meander along for the first hour and then hits you with a pickaxe in the closing quarter with some kick-ass gore and violence and after all it is a horror/thriller and tongue in cheek it did finish with aplomb! Corbin is always a dab hand at the tongue in cheek horror as The Dentist he played rather well. Add in some cannibalism references and a bit of Frankenstein's monster and stir it all up and out comes a crazy hour and a half of female hammer wielding mayhem! I was going to give it an average 5/10 but the last half hour gives it an extra star as it lifted what was seemingly a tame horror/thriller into the above average echelons of gore and female revenge!

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