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Reviewed by oktjabr 6 / 10 / 10

Life from the dashcam

Russian dashboard camera footage has become sort of an internet cliche - filling youtube and even old-fashioned homevideo TV programs with crumpling metal and shattering glass of haphazard Russian road traffic, with drunken maniacs spliced in. Fortunately The Road Movie isn't just a highlight reel of spinning car wrecks, but also includes both bizarre, tragic and humorous occurences. My personal favourite were the guys who talked about boozing and slaughtering some animal, but accidentally drove out and into a river, driver laconically commenting "That's it. We are sailing". Talk about Russian fatalism. In a fact, the subtitles that actually open the discussions of (mostly) unseen passengers make the compilation stand out as a worthwile, though at times slightly boring documentary piece. As a sidenote, one of the other reviews refer to the clip where we see a blazing fireball streak the sky and occupants of the car wonder what the heck it was - the guy who says it was a meteor was correct - it was so-called Chelyabinsk meteor that was (fittingly enough) captured by multiple Russian dashcams.

Reviewed by MisterWhiplash 4 / 10 / 10

Russian GTA

After sleeping on it (writing review one day later), The Road Movie might not work as your traditional story-driven movie, but it may be in 2018 (this edited together in 2016) we need to change how we see movies anyway. In this case, we have what is like live-action cut scenes from a non-plot driven Russian Grand Theft Auto video game. There are no real rules in Russia on the roads by the look of it (perhaps the dash cams are to assist in that the cops make our corrupt cops look like boy/girl scouts). People get out of cars and into fights; sometimes a car just goes off road into a river for a river-car ride; a car just crashes head on into another and we hear the couple of people saying where they're broken; a guy gets on top of a woman's car as she us parked, and he acts like a mad primate as she drives and is hysterical (he may just be deaf); trucks crash and flip; cows get hit and go on their way; the word 'f**k' is used so often in 67 minutes I think this out-f***s the 3 hour Scorsese crime epics. The appeal in other words is to be a full witness to the insanity, and while these are taken from YouTube uploads, I think placing then in a short, to the point cinematic context is a nice radical act. It's found-footage when it comes down to it, and at the same time the tone is like taking all of the gnarly bits from Godard's apocalyptic Weekend and none if the political stuff. Human nature in Russia is brutal, unforgiving, and howlingly funny in these videos. At one point a car drives right on through a forest fire (!) that is happening on either side of the road on one hand, and on another a car chases a running bear and all the driver can think to say is to laugh at the bear's defecating. And is that a comet falling to Earth? In other words, The Road Movie may or may not appeal to you, and I wonder what rewatchability it will have - unlike the insanity of the Jackass films, as one more comparison, there aren't any personalities to latch on to as we are Rear Window-ing as the passengers if these literal car wrecks - but it's a total blast from start to finish and a unique piece of cinema in this decade.

Reviewed by fai-90469 4 / 10 / 10

Russian Dashcam Compilation

The entertainment value of "The Road" movie is quite high but do I need to see it in the cinema? The idea of "The Road Movie" sounds witty but can it live up to it? Not at all! These videos where just in a random order. I expected them to be a bit categorized or even arranged to a story (?). The randomness of it all was disappointing and I felt that I could watch the same thing at youtube (Russian Dashcam Compilation). Some scenes relied only on dialogues and they weren't even subtitled. It had some interesting moments when we watch a car crash happening and >10 people just stop their car, step outside, watch the wrecks, smoke and talk..It felt like a mirror being holded up and we even spent money to see the accidents! I had a good time seeing this and you will have too if the movie theater is crowded and the night is in full swing.

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