The Red Menace


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 2 / 10 / 10

Second Thoughts

For the most part it seems that it was the small studios that made the worst of the anti-Communist films from post World War II. In this case it was Republic Pictures of Herbert J. Yates home of the B western cowboy heroes who inflicted this one on the American public. The Red Menace has the future object Our Miss Brooks's affection Robert Rockwell as a disillusioned GI who just got rooked by some sharpie real estate crooks over a plot of land to build a house. The lack of housing for returning veterans was a major domestic issue in the Truman years, no less a conservative than Robert A. Taft sponsored a government program to aid in housing construction. An equally sharp talent scout for the US Communist Party spots Rockwell making a complaint and recruits him into the party. He's enthusiastic at first but then sees that this crowd really intrudes on every aspect and thought one might have. Getting also disillusioned is Hannah Axman as they see one by one people who deviate get dealt with severely. It's not even that some of what is put forth here is completely untrue. It was that in 1949 some reactionary politicians usually belonging to the GOP saw the Russian spy scandals as a chance to stamp out liberal thought to the left of Walter Winchell. So we had the HUAC hearings and a year later Joe McCarthy looking for an issue to hang his re- election to the Senate on discovered The Red Menace. Two of the supporting players in the cast really stand out. First Lester Luther as the top commissar in the USA comes off like a poor man's Edward Arnold. Secondly Betty Lou Gerson when her alias is exposed by Immigration goes full blown mad in a scene that Bette Davis might have done in a better picture. For a good anti-Communist film I recommend Trial which starred Glenn Ford and Arthur Kennedy. The Red Menace is about as menacing as Dennis.

Reviewed by BudsNephew 8 / 10 / 10

But Awful is what makes it a cult classic....

My uncle told me this was the WORST film he ever directed. He was a contract director and the studio wanted him to make a movie about Communism. "This McCarthy thing seems to be catching on," he said they told him, "and we need a film quick." They gave him six weeks and $100,000 budget - an unheard-of pittance for a feature film, even in 1949. He didn't have a cast, a crew, a script, or even a story line. So he called friends who had very little screen time, knowing no "Name" actor would commit to a project like this. Besides, most of Uncle Gordon's actor friends were Western stars, like Roy Rogers. Gordon got a writer from the studio to pen the script, but he quit half-way through filming. So he and another actor had to complete the script, adding to it as they went. At the start of each day's filming, they had no idea what they were going to do. But, as promised, Uncle Gordon got this movie made on time and on budget. It saddened him a little, knowing that with all his directing credits, he would probably be most remembered for the worst film he ever made. He was proud of the rest of his filmography, and enjoyed directing well into his 70's. As for me, well, I think its kinda cool that my Great Uncle had a lot to do with the making of a cult classic. Its no Rocky Horror, Reefer Madness, or even Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but in the genre of ridiculously bad films, Red Menace can hold its celluloid head high. Just remember, Bud Springsteen had to work under extreme conditions to churn out a film this bad.

Reviewed by h_palka 8 / 10 / 10

A sobering account of Communist Party life, chillingly presented.

In view of what the Soviet archives revealed about the U. S. Communist Party(thank you, Gorby), this movie hits the nail right on the head. All the tactics Communists used to gain members, such as having female members sleep with prospective male members, as well as the means they used to create trouble, are shown in this movie. My father-in-law was once a Communist. He told me that the CPUSA would take up a collection for African-Americans on trial somewhere and keep the money for themselves. If a man quit the party, not only would he be shunned, but other members' kids would be expected to bully his kids! All this is shown in the movie, including even the beatings administered to wayward members. See this film and learned what we narrowly escaped from ending up as.

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