The Monster Project


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

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Toby Hemingway as Bryan
Yvonne Zima as Chris McClain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by briz_boy_10 5 / 10 / 10

Almost good!

I first saw this film advertised on the IMDb homepage so decided to check it out after finding the trailer really interesting. Ever since the Blair Witch Project the hand held 'real life' camera method has always given the film an air of mystery as we don't always tend to see what the character sees. However, I can assure you this film is different and doesn't just build up anti-climatic suspense. The film contains a group of adults wanting to make a documentary about different kinds of monsters to bump up views for their YouTube page when they're contacted by volunteers to give interviews, whilst the crew initially brush the claims off as ridiculousness, they soon start to change their beliefs. The premise is interesting and the film starts that way too even if it is a little slow to get into. A film like this shouldn't really go over the 80 minute mark but what you gonna do? There are a few jump scares and once the 'chaos' kicks in it does get really intense. The first 2/3 of the film are the most suspenseful and intriguing parts but come the final third act, we are left with that unfulfilling feeling of emptiness and predictability that these camcorder films tend to conjure up. Overall, its a fun little film to watch with your friends on a weekend night for a few scares, but it's not a film that will leave a trace in your memory. 5/10

Reviewed by jxfa 6 / 10 / 10

Not Bad. Painful To listen to At times

Movie was decent. Above average for a found footage. The Black guy and his stereotypical loud voice nearly caused me to give this movie a 1 star as he was SO annoying. And I mean SO annoying I had to cover my ears sometimes when he went on his rants. Don't know why they still think that that's needed.

Reviewed by jhitman-826-877694 6 / 10 / 10

Good visuals but a poor story

This is going to be a brief review for a average movie. Plott not interesting enough to glue me to my chair but I've seen worse. Visualfx and especial effects are good has well the audio,the ambiance was OK too. Acting was not that good but the effort was there to make the viewer at least curious to see what this will unfold in the end. A cliché ending in my opinion. The trailer spoils a lot of the movie and to many predictable jump scares,i give it a 6 for the visuals and audio.

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