The Love Witch


Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sunintended 9 / 10 / 10

Great film but you need to appreciate the Director's intent.

This film is inspired by the glamour of past classics and tries to tackle the enforced masculinity of those films. It is a film for women to recognize the predicament of being a woman in a society mostly run by men for men. The woman is seen as a child, a Lolita, the other woman, the wife that cooks and cares for the spawn of the man and finally becomes surplus to needs and finally a spinster. The man cannot see past his own biological needs which are embellished in culture and media because they sell so easily. Consider the man who preys on younger girls but then holds his own daughters due to their virginity. He protects them like possessions to be "taken" by another man. Consider the man who chases a girl, has his way and then decides she is not that great anymore. Women are a vessel for mens needs but they are so much more. Woman have their own needs, dreams and aspirations yet are forced to conform to this society of masculinity that is so flawed yet seems to be sustained. This film is an expression of woman and not popcorn chomping material.

Reviewed by Salman Khan 7 / 10 / 10

style over substance

The love witch has feminist undertones. unfortunately what those tones are I never got to know because they were buried under the heavy powder and bright lighting. this movie wants to be so many things that it's hard not to get annoyed. I feel like drive (2011) maybe was an inspiration, but where as drive knew exactly what it was and kept things in just the right amount to be entertaining and well paced the love witch dragged for way too long and wanted to ad so much more that it just became a bore. there were continuity errors which was absurd for a movie that is so delicately crafted. I don't know, maybe that was supposd to be funny somehow but it didn't work for me. the only thing that kept me from leaving it in the middle was samantha robinsons gorgeous face. seriously, MY GOD so if you are looking just for eye candy this movie will work wonders but if you're in for anything more this is a huge let down

Reviewed by axapvov 7 / 10 / 10

Drowning in Estrogen

It´s been said, "The Love Witch" is technically brilliant. The imitation of older genre films is perfect. It´s not only the visuals, the scenery or the costumes, the sound design is just as good and every single character seems to be taken from another era. Even transitions from scene to scene are excellent. Anna Biller has a complete understanding of the movies she wants to emulate. It´s almost witchcraft. From a feminist standpoint, it isnt´t subtle. I´m not sure if it should be taken entirely serious. I find it deceitully simple, though, and quite clever but it does at times seem taken from another era as well. The truth is i don´t get it completely. This film, feminist or not, is certainly feminine. The most feminine film I´ve ever seen. It´s a woman´s art, a woman´s idea, a woman´s everything. It´s absolutely drowning in estrogen. The question is, if "The Love Witch" was actually a late 60s film would it be any good? I have no idea but I´m guessing it´s irrelevant. Revivalism is a crucial element. It uses older esthetics to prove a point now. The comedy works better in a 21st century context. It might be too long and slow, I´d recommend watching it in the morning, not a popular time to watch movies but a lot films work better that way, and this is definitely one of them.

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