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Reviewed by Christian Jahnsen 9 / 10 / 10


I really don't understand why people don't think this film is funny. I laugh more or less constantly. Yes, 80% of the jokes are below the waist. So what?!? I'm a grown man who's not afraid of my inner child, and I think a town names Harinmakeesta is hilarious. I think the ball gazing trick is great fun. I think Timberlake is great fun as the goaltender who's hung like a horse. I think the guru's book titles are incredibly funny.

Reviewed by ace_ryan 7 / 10 / 10

Not the best but heart was in the right place

This movie I feel gets an unfair amount of hate directed at it. I'm going to start by saying this; is it the greatest comedy movie ever? Is is superior to Myers' Austin Powers franchise? No not by a long shot. Is it funny? Are there some good jokes that make you laugh or even just chuckle at? Yes. OK so Mike Myers plays Guru Maurice Pitka, the titular Love Guru, who is tired of being second best to Deepak Chopra but opportunity arises when he is approached to save the marriage of Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player Darren Roanoke and possibly get one up on Chopra. While helping Darren, Pitka learns the important age- old lesson of being himself instead of trying to be someone else. The film also stars Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Ben Kingsley and Verne Troyer with cameos from various celebrities. I first saw this movie after watching the Austin Powers movies from a mate who said this was another comedy from Mike Myers. He loaned it to me and I really enjoyed it, I thought it was very funny two of my favourite moments come from the meeting in Coach Cherkov's (Verne Troyer) office and when Pitka tells Darren he can fight anyone for any reason then proceeding to muck around with Cherkov. It's only in the past couple years I learnt that it didn't go down well with others. Of course I defend it. As I already stated it's by no means the best comedy movie ever but it's enjoyable nonetheless. The only thing that brings it down for me is the fact kanye west appears in it, granted it's a small cameo but still he's a sight I'm sure no-one wanted to see in the movie. Ideally when watching this movie you'll want to ignore what others have said about it and just not think too much, you'll find some of the jokes offensive granted and think "wtf!?" with some moments but the rest you'll smirk, chuckle and even full on laugh at

Reviewed by jamesart-439-537740 7 / 10 / 10

Better, far better, than the ratings and reviewers might suggest

The Love Guru is actually as funny as any of the Austin Powers movies. It is cleverly written and is a LOAD of fun. This is an enjoyable movie all throughout. Humour is in a similar vein to the Asutin powers movies, though, apart from a few crass bits, I thought on a higher level still. The production values are very high, it is nicely edited and shot and Mike Myers and the other actors look like they had a fun time making it. And it shows. It is a fun, fun movie. How it managed to get such a low rating is totally beyond me. So many sanctimonious, know it alls commenting as if they are toff nosed art critics. Stuff 'em. It is almost like the Tulip Bubble and other instances of mass madness and lemming like behaviour. Sad that Mike had to be on the receiving end of it. Don't trust them. Hell, don't trust me. Just watch the first five minutes at least, as it is straight into the style of the movie. A small investment in time to make up your own mind.

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