The Lost Brother


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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April 6, 2019

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10 / 10


The concept of the movie is quite interesting. Unfortunately the main character is quite bland to put it mildly. The story itself is interesting and there are quite a few surprises along the way. The other characters are actually more interesting. Not that you have many people to root for. Well none that get explored in depth that is for that matter. So while family is or can be a big thing, in this case it seems to be an excuse to bring a stranger into town. A thriller works in certain circumstances and this has its merits, but in this case you really have to suspend a lot of disbelief and try to stick with it, even with all the obstacles thrown into your way. I am not judging the main actor after this one performance, so maybe it was the script, maybe it was a number of things, but they all work against the idea behind it all ...

Reviewed by Ionizing 7 / 10 / 10

It's all about the Money

I think I'm starting to learn Spanish by absorption I've watched so many Argentinian films lately, and I'm glad I have, as they are presenting scenarios in an art form that Hollywood is simply unable to do. Rather than budget constraints resulting in trashy exploitation movies, as tend to come out of more affluent nations, it seems to focus and direct these film maker's attention back to the essentials of film making, and The Lost Brother is no exception. The title can refer to any of the three 'brothers' here as they each are lost and are central to its plot. This is not so much a film to be enjoyed, but experienced rather, as everything about it is believable and painful, even the unsettling dual-personality of its main character. People really do vanish in these environments, and presented here is a possible situation in which some of these disappearances occur. It's all awkward, sad, and difficult to watch, where the manipulation and abuse of the elderly and poor is up for grabs, and even the perpetrator lives in mental and physical squalor. The acting is natural and authentic, the direction superb, the script tight and unpredictable, and the score is sparse and effective, all so much so in fact that it can leave one dispirited - you have been warned. But it will give you an insight into another world, raw and unfiltered, and make you appreciate being able to watch this in your comfortable urban front room on your 40" LCD TV.

Reviewed by Javier Negron 7 / 10 / 10

Leonardo Sbaraglia's performance save this movie.

Well, as a puertorican I'm a fan of the Latinoamerican Cinematography and while it's true there are not many +7 stars movies by year in Latin cinematography, but there's always a handful of movies that sometimes exceeds the Hollywood films with a lot of promo and a gigantic budget. These is one of those movies and the responsibility lies in one name: Leonardo Sbaraglia. Yes, the story is not 10 stars, but the performance of Sbaraglia along with the argentine badlands, the cruel way in which poverty is presented and the bizarre relationships between the characters make these movie a must-see if you're a fan of the Argentinian films like "El Secreto De Sus Ojos", "Relatos Salvajes", "Nueve Reinas" and the list goes on. It could be better, no doubt, but Sbaraglia's performance worth the time.

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