The Hunters


Action / Drama / Romance / War

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John Doucette as Gus Webb
Robert Mitchum as Billy Buck
Robert Wagner as Lt. Ed Pell
Victor Sen Yung as Ong Chi Seng
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7 / 10 / 10

It is the superb aviation footage which makes "The Hunters" memorable…

North American's F-86 Sabre was the West's premier fighter aircraft during the early 1950s, and superior to any fighter aircraft in the eastern part of the world… The F-86 scored consistent victories over Russian-built MiG fighters during the Korean War…Hollywood didn't make nearly enough movies about it, but in "The Hunters," we have the opportunity to admire this graceful and agile subsonic equipped with more powerful engines and armament systems that ranged from bombs and rockets to machine guns and cannons… Robert Mitchum portrays the big hunter, the 'Iceman.' Maj. Cleve Saville was like death: no feelings, no nerves, no fear… In Japan, on his way to his first posting in Korea, he meets Lt. Carl Abbott (Lee Philips), a young pilot who thinks he is a bad flier… Too much booze was the sign… With 30 missions Abbott failed to get any enemy planes… His wife Chris (May Britt) doesn't know what to do with him… She asks Maj. Saville to look out for him and help him… Saville finds himself falling in love with her, with some response from her… Filling out the story when they finally reach Korea are the first of the jet pilots, Col. Dutch Emil (Richard Egan), and Lt. Ed Pell (Robert Wagner), a rude young guy with big cigars in his face, considered as a 'little stinker who can get MiGs.' Their common enemy is the Chinese ace Casey Jones (Leon Lontoc). His plane has the numbers 7-11 on his fuselage… The MiGs are based in Red China, across the Yalu River…

Reviewed by Mickey-2 7 / 10 / 10

Good air-combat scenes that still hold the attention of the audience, Mitchum and Wagner shine, also.

"The Hunters", released in 1958, showed the so-called forgotten air war from the Korean War. Robert Mitchum portrays an aging air pilot from WWII who manages to find one more war to find some success in. He lands command of an air squadron led by Richard Egan, who was his leader during WWII. Mitchum puts together a wing squadron and starts out on hunting missions. His squadron consists of a nice guy, a loud-mouth guy, and a lush whose wife Mitchum falls for. However, the squadron does come together, and manages to down quite a few enemy planes, including a Korean ace nicknamed K C Jones. The film focuses on electrifying flight sequences that hold the attention of the viewing audience, and the cast delivers performances that do carry the story. This film has been finally released in DVD by 20th Century Fox, and I have replaced my taped VHS version with the DVD. It's very watchable, and the flying sequences still hold their own. 7/10, but a strong entry in this genre.

Reviewed by gmasher 7 / 10 / 10

How NOT to adapt a novel to film, but still fun to watch

If you've never read the book, watch the movie first - then go find the novel for the real story. It could be categorized as "autobiographical fiction" as the author, James Salter (nom de plum) flew as a pilot with the 335th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 4th FIW at Suwon, Korea during the war. Robert Wagner's character is a thinly veiled caricature of ace Jim Low. Mitchum is typically laconic (and I do enjoy him in this role, in spite of, or including, the schlocky love story) and the F-86s are fun to watch. Richard Egan plays well as the retread group commander who pairs Mitchum and Wagner, much to Mitchum's initial distaste. The DVD in widescreen is the best way to go, and while a far cry from "The Bridges at Toko-Ri," it's still a keeper in my book.

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