The House on Sorority Row


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Harley Jane Kozak as Kate Jacobs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by utgard14 6 / 10 / 10

"You like getting people wet, don't you?"

Better than average slasher flick about a group of sorority babes who accidentally kill someone during a prank and try to cover it up. Later they're murdered one by one by until the inevitable 'final girl vs the killer' showdown all these things seem to have. It's a good movie of its type with some humor and gore (although probably not enough to appeal to gore hounds). Starts out with some Miss Marple-type music that, back in the day, had me double-checking the VHS label to make sure I had the right movie. The cast is pretty good, with early roles for Eileen Davidson and Harley Jane Kozak, and a nice leading role for Kate McNeil. My favorite scenes are Eileen Davidson showing off her breasts and the Sea Pig scene. Given her age you would assume Lois Kelso Hunt (playing the sorority's house mother) was a seasoned pro, but her acting is so bad that she's outshined by everyone in the cast. Even the Sea Pig. There's also a corny band that screams 1980s. It's a fun movie, if you like '80s slashers (which, I assume you do or else why would you be watching this). Might lose a little punch if you've seen a lot of similar movies that came after. Oh, and avoid the 2009 sort-of remake at all costs. It's garbage.

Reviewed by culmo80 2 / 10 / 10

Vintage 80's Slasher-horror

This is exactly the type of film that embodies the 80's slasher-horror genre. This film has great atmosphere, suspense, and some great kill scenes. While the mystery and the twists are easy to see coming, that is mostly the fault of the genre over-doing this in the thirty years since this movie was released. Spoilers: As someone who has seen a lot of horror movies, I fully expected the killer to be someone else other than the mother. Early on, I never assumed the pregnancy had ended in a stillborn baby or anything like that. The movie does a good job of trying to get the viewer to buy that it is the mother who is borderline psychotic, and had I not been fully expecting a twist, I would have followed that line of thinking. The acting is good enough for a movie like this. I think sometimes people expect Academy Award-winning acting out of horror movies and I think they miss the point. The acting isn't intended nor does it need to carry the film like in a drama. The death scenes are done very well. In the age before CGI and multi- million dollar horror films, the production crews of these films had to use their minds to figure out how to do the impossible; kill someone on screen. Movies like this and Halloween do the death scenes very well. Action-in-the-shadow is a simple yet effective technique, as are the quick shots of someone getting stabbed. The shots are quick enough so the mind can't register that you are in fact looking at a fake body or a fake weapon, but just long enough so you see the person getting it. I really can't fault this film for anything that other reviewers did. Maybe younger people, who didn't live in the 80's wouldn't appreciate something without top-notch effects or gallons of fake blood...I don't know. Anyway, this is a classic slasher-horror film, before the genre got stale (forever) with constant sequels and remakes.

Reviewed by Maciste_Brother 2 / 10 / 10

Starts off great but quickly degenerates into complete utter nonsense!

Sisterly spoilers HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW starts off promisingly: the acting ain't bad. The camerawork is good. And the set-up is plausible. So I had high hopes for this film while watching it but then suddenly it turned bad, FAST! I have no idea why the quality of the film deteriorated so quickly but it happened right after the stupid scene with the woman who was attacked by the mysterious killer and helped by the film's heroine safely back into the house, only to have to watch the woman not go where the people were or where the party was happening but go alone in a bathroom on the deserted second floor, is when I gave up on it. The scene is just plain STUPID. The filmmakers wants us to believe that a woman who was attacked by a total stranger, didn't seek refuge where it would have been impossible for the killer to attack her again? Come on. But the scene in the bathroom itself is terrible and we've seen it a million times already. The rest of the film is pure junk. The gore effects were terrible. The hand that got stabbed looked like it was made of papier maché. In fact, everything involved with prosthetic effects looked like they were made of clay or papier maché. The really crappy thing about HOSR is the heroine. She was a freaking pain in the butt with her noble and stuck-up attitude. The actress who played her, Kate McNeil, wasn't that good or interesting. Eilein Davidson should have been the heroine. She would have been a formidable heroine. I wanted Kate McNeil's character to die a slow and miserable death. The direction and the script are at fault here. No one behind the caneras understands horror. The sub-plot with the doctor locking up the entire house was pointless. Scenes of McNeil having hallucinatory moments were truly laughable and amateurish. Hard to believe anyone thought those scenes were effective or added anything to the film. The many moments with the girls trying to get rid of the body reminded me of WEEKEND'S AT BERNIES. And the ending in the attic is unbelievable stupid and ineffective. No suspense or terror. And the very last shot of the movie, after the heroine made the killer fall from the attic down to the next floor, and the body of the killer is not moving or anything but then his eyes suddenly open. That's it. That's the last shot of the film. What happened after that? Did the killer murder McNeil's character ( I hope so)? Did the killer in the clown suit ran away and joined the circus? Did the two get married? Was the ending done in preparation for an eventual sequel that never happened(Arf!)? The whole ending left me with a big "Huh?" That has got to be the lamest ending I've seen in a horror film, and I've seen a lot of them. To add more kookiness to this already wretched product is the undeniable feel that while I was watching HOSR I was actually watching a Brian De Palma movie. Then I read somewhere that the director of HOSR used to work with De Palma. Wow! No wonder HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW starts off great and ends miserably. It's a Brian De Palma trademark: aside from CARRIE, all of De Palma's movies have great beginnings, lousy endings. If I had known that the director used to work with De Palma, then I probably wouldn't have bothered to watch this flick.

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