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Reviewed by Aaron1375 6 / 10 / 10

Both parents are pretty dumb aren't they?

This had to be one of the most infuriating films I have ever seen. The film never hides the fact what is going on and I have watched a lot of horror films, but even given that fact the parents in this film were downright stupid. They also displayed very little grief when they should have been the most dismayed parents in a film, ever! I know that the film was a novel and thanks to some digging I learned some things about the strange woman and her offspring that did shed some light on things. Just seems this film should of had more too it, but they kind of just lessened the load or something. It was not all bad, as it had a quite a few deaths in it and it moves along quite briskly, at least until the film shifts from the country home to the city apartment. It got a bit slow and then it got annoying and then it ended and I was just left thinking that there had to be more to what was going on than what was depicted in the film. The story has a couple who have four children going about their day, when the mother apparently runs into a very creepy strange pregnant woman who the mother feels compelled to bring home with her. Thus, the mother does the first stupid thing in a film where she is one of the most mentally challenged characters in a horror film! Well, the strange creepy woman makes a few vague and sinister remarks and has her child before ditching in the morning. Well, the mother immediately wants to adopt the child because she really needs another child seeing as how she has three older children and an infant child to boot! Well soon after the infant son who was left alone with cute little Bonnie the newborn who has already sprouted blond hair is dead! A few years pass, and one of their older sons is dead! The other son is terrified of the kid, but the parents believe Bonnie before their own offspring! Soon, the father begins to suspect something, but by the time it begins to click for him, it is pretty much too late. The ending to this one was a bit baffling as cute little Bonnie pushes the last remaining child out a window and to her death in front of the father, who already knew she was an evil little kid and the mother who still had doubts. Well, the father in a fit of rage wants to kill the child, but is stopped and the mother takes Bonnie's side, because her dead eyes, evil look and obviously deadly ways is just too much for a mom to resist. I just felt that this was a bit odd, as I just felt there should be more to it and that the ending was week. Turns out it was completely different from the book which has the father trying to get the kid, but the kid literally overpowers him! The husband and wife did not split up and Bonnie is taken away. She later turns up on their doorstep! There is also an explanation for the strange pregnant woman that is very bizarre, and I kind of can see why they did not go the route for a movie made in 1980. So, I thought the film had some moments and it was a nice distraction for a little bit. However, it was also extremely annoying because that mother was so idiotic! What kind of mother latches on to a kid that is not even hers and puts said child over her own offspring? Seriously, I can see a mother liking an adopted child about the same, but the extent she latched onto Bonnie was insane. She literally got over the death of their infant son in no time, the second child also was gotten over rather quickly. I realize I watch a lot of horror films, but after the second child I would have been leery of Bonnie, heck, I never would have kept the child in the first place with my knowledge of horror films and the strange way that creepy woman was going on.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10 / 10

Unusual, hard-hitting British horror

This bleak, nihilistic film is obviously inspired heavily by THE OMEN - and yet remains a far more horrifying picture. This is due to the fact that the victims in this film are all innocent children who get savagely killed, deaths which will upset even the hardest viewer. While it's not a particularly well-made picture in any respect (i.e. the low budget is quite often apparent), the film achieves what it sets out to do, to horrify the viewer, and thus it gets my thumbs up. The lack of big-name stars helps to add to the realism in THE GODSEND. The central characters are played by unknowns, and the only familiar face will be Angela Pleasence in a cameo. Pleasence plays an exceedingly creepy woman who acts as a catalyst for the murders, and is the most disturbing thing in this film. Stoddard and Hayman are very good as the anxious parents, who eventually split up under the pressure; Stoddard is a likable central figure, while Hayman excels as the woman who suffers a nervous breakdown through circumstances she just can't comprehend. The murders are kept off screen (apart from a nasty moment where a child is thrown from a window), leaving our imaginations to play a big part. Each breaks down the parent's mental state further. The little blonde girl is very good in it, too. THE GODSEND is a little-seen, little-heard of film, but for viewers who like to be creeped out (and not through gallons of gore, either), then it deserves some tracking down.

Reviewed by ericrnolan 6 / 10 / 10

A quick review of "Godsend" (1980), with general spoilers.

A picnicking English family encounters a mysterious, pregnant young woman in a meadow. Her behavior is strange, and the little she says is puzzling. They take her home, and are then surprised when she suddenly gives birth to an infant girl there. Then she inexplicably vanishes. The couple, who already have five children, adopt the baby as their sixth. But their unusually large family begins to be depleted, after their biological children die, one by one, under mysterious circumstances. That's the premise of "Godsend" (1980). You've got to admit, that is chilling, and it held my attention throughout the length of this passably entertaining movie. It has an interesting story setup, and there is at least one truly frightening sequence at the story's end. In addition, the spooky young mother is effectively played, however briefly, by Angela Pleasence, daughter of Donald Pleasence. But I doubt this will wind up on many top ten lists. It's thinly scripted, slowly paced, and features two parents who seem minimally affected by the deaths of their children. It's also too derivative of its obvious inspiration, "The Omen" (1976). I'd give it a 6 out of 10.

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