The Girl from the Song


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bryanhallarnold 7 / 10 / 10

Modern day Greek myth

Only one other review that I read so far hinted at this, but my review will be a more overt. This movie is a modern day version of the famous Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. In short: Eric = Orpheus; Jo = Eurydice; Penelope = Persephone; Alex = Hades; Caronte = Charon; The guy checking tickets at the gate with the Cerberus costume = Cerberus; Burning Man festival = The Underworld; The girls that try to seduce Eric and drug him = The Maenads; There are some other parallels between the two stories that I won't list for the sake of brevity, and there are probably others that I missed. The stories are pretty similar all the way to the tragic ending. It's a good depiction of Burning Man to someone who has not experienced it (such as myself). Maybe people who have attended the festival won't like the depiction. It is interesting that the movie chose the festival as the parallel to the Greek mythological version of hell. Even the song that the movie title references which Eric writes for Jo includes a lyric about going to hell and back. The acting and cinematography is good. The story is frustrating in that the main characters' actions are unexplained which is probably intentional, and they are necessary to achieve the parallel tragic ending. One major deviation from the original myth is the Penelope character who hurts Eric's cause which is unlike Persephone who helps Orpheus in some versions of the myth. If you don't understand what Burning Man is about, this movie may offer an idea of what it looks like, but probably fails at giving an adequate sense of the experience of being there.

Reviewed by nicholaslim-61848 7 / 10 / 10


Well, I guess as what most others said, there's nothing much to the entire story. Boy meets girl - fell in love. Had sex. Did things together. Girl felt insecure and left. Boy chases after. Burning man event. Relationship fell apart. Yet, the acting was compelling. Yet, the movie invoked memories in me that I thought had been left buried for decades (I'm 46 now). It was sad in the end. Girl left. Boy grew up. This is a movie that made me wish that there was a continuation. Maybe the girl met the boy again after many years. Maybe they get together. It made me remember another show, an anime "5 centimeters per second". It made me remember the song by YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI (in the same anime), "One more time, one more chance". It made me yearn and yet smile at the memories. It's bittersweet. That's life.

Reviewed by mrkobayashi-06496 7 / 10 / 10

Best Burning Man movie I have seen so far....

While there were times i thought it was a bit cliché, the real burning man experience has that as well anyway, so really, it wasn't that bad. Certainly a better portrayal of that party/exploration vibe that goes on that scene sometimes, if that is what you are looking for at that moment, it is always there, and i think they did a great job showing that not only can that be incredibly shallow and even negative at times as real emotions get the better of people, but it is also filled with incredible beauty and truly life-affirming moments that you cannot find around every corner in most people's lives anyway. The story is on one hand cliché, but again, there is a reason for the clichés, just because you retell a similar tale of love doesn't mean it is shallow, or not worth watching. Not every single story is original, honestly, it happens rarely, and i would rather see a good cliché story told well than a try too hard to be original, that just comes off as a not believable art piece that the author's and director's ego is front and center the entire film. That to me is getting unbearable to watch and frankly more of a cliché honestly. It wasn't perfect, no masterpiece, but as far as a film that features Burning Man, by far the best I have seen. BurningMan is largely what you come looking for, that is what he came looking for, before people get all up on me about it, yes, of course that is a fraction of what the entire Burning Man experience can be about, and if would be cool if they could have shown at least one other more real spiritual side of Burning Man that is not just the 'past lives' gag. There are superficial spiritual people there, and then there are people with some really amazing wisdom to share, the only thing left out is that they had one opportunity to show that, but regardless, the part they did show I thought was done well, and was honestly done. And the cinematography was really good. The actors decent...

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