The Food of the Gods


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Ida Lupino as Mrs. Skinner
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Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10 / 10

Yeah, it's pretty dumb.

On an island, some crazy old lady and her husband found some white goo seeping out of the earth. So, they did what anyone would do--they mixed it with animal feed and gave it to their farm animals. The animals then grew to enormous proportions and soon had a craving for human flesh. Some particularly dim people get themselves stuck on the island and must fight giant animal models (being thrust at them by people from the props department) to survive. All the while, a REALLY dumb rich guy is imagining the riches he'll make by harvesting this goo! I was not at all surprised to see Marjoe Gortner starring in a crap movie like this. What surprised me was seeing some once decent actors whoring themselves out in this film. To a small extent I was surprised to see Ralph Meeker but even more surprising was the famous 1930s-40 actress/director Ida Lupino. Was she bankrupt? Was she being blackmailed?! All I know is that the film is every bit as bad as the worst giant animal films of the 50s and 60s and 70s and these two never should have taken these parts. Dumb acting, VERY dumb writing, horrible props and the like sink this production. One of the finer moments in the film was when giant bees attack as folks are INSIDE the cabin--so naturally one of them goes outside with a shovel to fight them! Later, when a Winnebago has a GIANT rat on the roof, the husband tells his wife (who is safely inside) to come outside to see the rat that is the size of a cow! Duh!!! By the way, this film would make a wonderful double-feature with "Night of the Lepus"--a 70s film about giant killer bunnies that is nearly the equal to "Food of the Gods" in the stupidity department.

Reviewed by Lloyd Hansen 4 / 10 / 10

Loved this film! Here's why................

I first saw this movie at the local drive-in theater when I was about 13yrs old. It scared the you-know-what out of me back then. I just rented the DVD and sitting there on my sofa, in my mid 40s I enjoyed it all over again! Sure, it's silly....very "B-rated" type film....but if you just accept that going into it, you won't be disappointed. In this day of Computer Generated garbage, it's refreshing to see REAL special effects. The rats are still scary some 30 years later! Rent it, enjoy it for what it is: a campy, silly scary movie. I just love it! It saddens me to see that it's made it's way onto several "worst movie" lists. Relax people, enjoy it! I've gotta go....I think I hear rats coming.....

Reviewed by classicsoncall 4 / 10 / 10

"Being punished 'cause we sinned against nature!"

Well, you have to give Bert Gordon credit here for at least one thing. As the Iron Man of this picture, he not only directed, produced and wrote the screenplay, but also had a hand in the special visual effects. I hope he was paid well for his efforts. As for the picture, boy oh boy, you can't get much cheesier. You know, you couldn't really get a sense of proportion as to how big those killer rats actually were. The one that attacked Mrs. Skinner (Ida Lupino) through the window of her cabin was just as big as she was, while at other times the perspective offered changed with each object they were swarming next to. I guess it doesn't matter for a flick like this, but it was something quite noticeable. Noticeable too was the goofy body spasms of the lead actor Marjoe Gortner. Gosh, what was he tripping on? Watch him when he picks up a rifle at any time to shoot at the attacking rodents, he looked like Elaine in that 'Seinfeld' episode dancing at the party. Really, it was quite embarrassing. As with another Bert Gordon giganto fest from the following year, "Empire of the Ants", this one is riddled with continuity gaffes and mistakes that provide plenty of camp value for the discerning viewer. How about the old dead guy, Mr. Skinner, after he's killed by the rats - his closed eye flutters as the varmints haul him away. Then there's that moment when Morgan (Gortner) and Brian (Jon Cypher) put their rifles away in a wooden crate on the jeep, but when they arrive where the rats are swarming by the river, they pull their weapons directly out of the vehicle. I don't know, there must have been some reason Ida Lupino decided to take part in this monstrosity, one can only guess. Just like Joan Collins showing up in "Empire of the Ants", maybe they needed the money. One can only imagine what they thought of while reading the moronic script - Yeah, this could be a real career changer. And then, right in the middle of the horror fest with the rats, and the fires, and the rats and the flood, and the rats - the gal Lorna (Pamela Franklin) says to Gortner's Morgan - "I want to make love to you". You know, I actually saw that coming and was hoping please, no, that would just be too stupid. But once again, the script didn't let me down. Only one thing left on my mind now which I'm sure nobody can rightfully answer. The container of 'ambrosia' on the counter in Mrs. Skinner's kitchen had the letters 'F.O.T.G.' hand written on a piece of paper stuck to the jar. Why? Did the Skinners literally know that the stuff inside was actually The Food of The Gods?

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