The End of Meat



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsvp321 1 / 10 / 10

More vegan lunacy!

Agenda driven, I'll be polite and not say it's loaded with lies, but say "misinformation", instead. I've watched several of this type of "documentary" lately, and they would be alright if presented just as an alternate lifestyle, but they're meant to change everyone's eating preference to be like theirs. Our teeth are "omnivore" ie we eat everything lol, not grass grazers. Also, if meat was so bad, why do vegans so often make their food imitate the taste of meat?! Ultimately, the same vegan fanaticism, you won't learn anything new with this one.

Reviewed by mitchelljwells 1 / 10 / 10

Though biased, is mostly accurate

AOC is not very bright, that's a given, but the thesis of this documentary does not rely on her for credibility. The argument is sound. Anyone who has ever lived near a big farm knows the pollution it produces is substantial.

Reviewed by pitikuss 1 / 10 / 10

one-sided clean vegan propaganda misused by big food to propagate "alternative" foods and globalist ideas

If this was supposed to be some kind of documentary, it failed miserably. From first sentence it's about half truths or direct lies. So called "scientists" are all belief driven individuals ( based on their presentation of facts) pretty much speaking like members of some cult. They forgot to mention that since domestication there was never such amount of these animals safely living to adult age( basically saving some of them from extinction - which happens even without human actions). As an example, up to 70% of young deer die violent death before reaching adulthood. The do not mention that there is a lot of farms in which the animal enjoy pretty good life.(probably as it's all US mass production view - to move emotions.. as vegans generally don't have rational facts on their side..). They do not mention that civilization started larger wars thanks to neolithic food style ( wheat presented energy which can be stored, there are no natural imitations on human population - which is existing if you live like hunter-gatherer etc..) ..they just lie mentioning thanks to the horses ( as the "weapons of war") the wars were waged. (this is blatant lie, as any historian or reasonably clever human knows, most wars were fought on foot ( Rome army was virtually "running" on wheat). They say thanks to requirement of space for "meat farms" woods have to be destroyed. which is EXACTLY the opposite. (soy ? palm oil ? anyone ?) They don't mention ( probably have no idea) that properly grazed animal are extremely prosperous to nature they occupying. (able to restore habitats destroyed by farming ) Thou AOC (and fanatics in this documentary) has no idea, proper scientists know that methane from cows has no negative effect on climate ( none that can be identified - measured). It's all just cognitive resonating lies for comrades - cult vegans. As for the health, I am not even starting (rally just very short on that here)... vegans here just ignore facts ( they brains suffering from low saturated fat/ sterols diet.. ). And most probably just in their cult mentality have no idea how to think and understand well known FACTS without their propaganda behind. Plants are full of chemical which have immediate direct negative (as well long term) effect (lectins, oxalates, goitrogens,pesticides an much more).

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