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Reviewed by Argemaluco 8 / 10 / 10

The Editor

The Canadian group Astron-6 (formed by Steven Kostanski, Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney and Jeremy Gillespie) is specialized in parodying the '80s with films overflowing of style, energy and a particular sense of humor which makes them transcend the nostalgia in order to become something special and memorable by themselves. Astron-6 had made a satire of slasher cinema with Father's Day, and of post-apocalyptic science fiction with Manborg (not to mention its numerous short films, many of which can be watched on YouTube). More recently, in the movie The Editor, it makes a tribute/parody of "giallo"; those thrillers bathed on blood and sexuality which used to be popular in Italy during the '70s and '80s. The most famous exponent of that style is, of course, Dario Argento, but many other directors also contributed to it, such as Sergio Martino, Umberto Lenzi and Mario Bava. Having said all that, I have to admit that I have generally not been a big fan of giallo's. I definitely appreciate its bloody violence (which was rarely realistic, but always excessive), and I also like the distinctive electronic music which usually accompanies it; but, with the exception of Argento's films, I find giallo simplistic and repetitive, with confusing and incoherent screenplays which rarely satisfy on the most elementary narrative level. Fortunately, those problems become pros when they are filtered by Astron-6's sensibility. The story of The Editor has all the ingredients required by the recipe (not to mention dozens of references to the directors and films which inspired it): grotesque deaths, mediocre special effects, beautiful women, bad dubbing, anachronistic misogyny and various suspects who can be the mysterious killer of the black gloves. The exaggerated imitation of those elements is essential for the humor of The Editor, but it's not its only virtue. Like it had done in Father's Day and Manborg, Astron-6 gradually moves from familiar territory in order to add twisted digressions and unexpected surprises, including a series of final twists, each one of them more bizarre than the previous one, until leading to an "ending ending" which is simultaneously ingenious and ridiculous. On the negative side, The Editor occasionally feels a bit repetitive, and I think I was kinda expecting something more extreme and shocking from Astron-6; however, on the other hand, this might mean the fact that the group is maturing, and I will definitely keep looking forward to its next films. In the micro-universe of tributes, satires and revivals of giallo cinema, I would place The Editor above Amer and Berberian Sound Studio, but below The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears, which was basically incomprehensible, but I think it handled the giallo style on a more artistic way. Nevertheless, I liked The Editor pretty much, and I recommend it with the warning that this film will definitely not be everyone's cup of tea.

Reviewed by Hellmant 5 / 10 / 10

Really weird (which I respect)!

'THE EDITOR': Four Stars (Out of Five) An extremely odd horror-comedy/mystery flick, from directors Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy; the two also co-wrote the film, with actor Conor Sweeney. Brooks, Kennedy and Sweeney also star in the movie; along with Paz de la Huerta, Samantha Hill, Kevin Anderson, Udo Kier and Laurence R. Harvey (of 'THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II' and 'III' fame). It tells the story of a veteran film editor; that becomes the prime suspect in a series of grisly murders. The movie is hilarious, quirky and packed with gruesome shocks and bloody thrills! Rey Ciso (Brooks) was once considered one of the best film editors in the world. After a horrific accident, and a mental breakdown, left him disfigured; he now only works on low budget B-movies. When the lead actors, on his latest film, are brutally murdered, Rey becomes the lead suspect. He still struggles to complete the movie; while also dealing with a mentally ill wife (la Huerta), a new love interest (Hill), a moronic actor (Sweeney) and an incompetent police detective (Kennedy). The killer continues to viciously murder people, at the same time. The movie is really weird (which I respect), and surprisingly funny; not to mention shockingly gruesome. Going into it, I didn't know quite what to expect (I kind of assumed it was just a poorly made B- horror flick); so I was pleasantly surprised. The filmmakers definitely have a lot of talent, and the film is packed with nostalgic style and wit; I can't wait to see what they do next. I've also recently became a fan of Paz de la Huerta; so seeing her (in a lead role) was a nice, added touch! Watch our movie review show 'MOVIE TALK' at:

Reviewed by Coventry 5 / 10 / 10

There Are Strange Red Drops On The Floor Of The Editing Room

I can only be entirely honest here and admit that – for me personally – "The Editor" was a big disappointment that could never at one moment live up to the (admittedly far too high) expectations that I had set for it. The expectations were high because the guys responsible are usually bona fide geniuses! They are Astron-6, a collective of six young, creative and pleasantly deranged horror fanatics. They previously delivered festival favorites like "Father's Day" (a totally deranged tribute to vile and rancid 70s grindhouse exploitation) and "Manborg" (a downright ballistic and hyperkinetic Sci-Fi tale). When I first read that these same blokes were working on film that would spoof and simultaneously pay tribute to the Italian Giallo, I already labeled it as successful before production was even finished. I made one vital mistake, however… I love the giallo too much to see it spoofed! "The Editor" mocks – albeit respectfully – all the elements that yours truly worships about this overlooked horror sub genre, like the excessively violent murders, the explicit sexual footage or the overly eccentric cast of characters. Several cast and crew members of a sleazy and exploitative pulp movie are savagely murdered. The investigating macho police detective is rapidly convinced that editor Ray Cisco is the culprit. After all, he's an introvert and frustrated loner who once had a bright future in front of him, but he lost his valuable right hand's fingers in a freak accident and went so mad that he even spent time in a psychiatric clinic. Naturally he can't accept that he now has to edit inferior trash movies while his own wife hates his guts and nobody on the sets has any respect for him. I certainly don't intend to sound like a sourpuss, but the only thing that "The Editor" does is enlarging the clichés and prejudices that are irreversibly associated with the giallo genre even though they aren't fair or truthful to begin with! Yes, the dubbing in English of Italian movies is often horrendous, but that's hardly ever the films' own fault. If you take the effort to track down the original versions with Italian audio, you don't have this problem. And yes, several gialli contain absurd plot twists, but I can also list at least 50 films of which the denouements are truly intelligent and original. Most of all, gialli are known for their extreme sex and violence, but in many cases these same films also feature genuine suspense, unsettling atmosphere and truly imaginative cinematography. Those are aspects that Astron-6 (deliberately?) left out. Still, I want to state again that "The Editor" is nevertheless a film with a lot of entertainment value. It's a funny and unpretentious movie with a grotesque plot, flamboyant characters and messy gore effects. There's one particularly hilarious gory sequence where the face of a young actress is literally stripped off, as well as several moments that refer to the non-giallo work of Lucio Fulci, involving tarantulas, eyeballs etc. One last thing I didn't quite understand: if Astron-6 wanted to spoof the giallo, then why didn't they invent a typically long and (beeldrijk) title? "The Editor" sounds so ordinary, while the film easily could have been named something like: "There Are Strange Red Drops On The Floor Of The Editing Room" I really do wish to grab the opportunity to promote the giallo genre, of course! In case you enjoyed this film, please seek out the truly worthwhile titles of this marvelous Italian crime/horror sub genre. You can't go wrong with the landmarks of Mario Bava ("Blood and Black Lace", "The Girl who Knew Too Much") or the 70s movies of Dario Argento ("Bird with the Crystal Plumage", "The Cat O' Nine Tails", "Profondo Rosso"), Lucio Fulci ("Don't Torture a Duckling", "Seven Notes in Black") or Sergio Martino ("The Strange Vice of Ms. Wardh", "Torso", "Case of the Scorpion's Tail"). But there exist also many and truly magnificent gialli masterpieces from lesser known directors that are absolute must-sees as well: "What have you done to Solange?", "The House with the Laughing Windows", "Plot of Fear", "Black Belly of the Tarantula", "The Red Queen Kills Seven Times", "Who Saw Her Die?", "The Blood-Stained Butterfly", "House of the Yellow Carpet", "Short Night of the Glass Dolls", "Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion"… The list is incredibly long!

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