The Day


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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April 11, 2019


Michael Eklund as Warden Snyder
Shannyn Sossamon as Liz Beth Stevens
Shawn Ashmore as Joe Lynch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pallavfree 8 / 10 / 10

This movie needs defending.

The only thing that I think hamstrings this movie is poor production quality. They shoulda just burn the house down rather using VFX that says it is present in the movie. Otherwise, the screenplay was taut. People who confuse action for fast, abstruse editing cuts, a-la Michael Bay maybe disappointed but action that forwards the script will delight true movie connoisseurs. Good indies are hard to come by. Finding one is like finding a treasure. For me 'The Day' is to zombie/apocalypse what 'According to Greta' is to coming of age and 'City island' is to family dramedy. The kills are good and guns don't don't have unlimited ammo. I'd say it does flag a bit in the second act but the climax delivers. But I'd also say that this movie is not for everybody. Save it for a day when not in the mood rom-coms are brain investing movies. Put your eyes on auto-pilot, grab a cold one, and viola! That's a decent 90 minutes right there.

Reviewed by richard-fieldhouse 2 / 10 / 10

A Very Bleak Post Apocalypse

Even the colour of this film has a bleak, grey and washed-out feel. But the characters and plot are believable, beaten down by years of struggle to survive after an apocalypse the details of which seem unimportant now. The challenge is for the group to keep going through the bitter the competition for food in an environment where nothing seems to grow. Only those that started out as the fittest are left now and even amongst these survivors one looks like he might have pneumonia. In these circumstances and in unrelenting rain, they decide to risk a stop at an isolated farm house despite deep, and, as it turns out, well-founded, misgivings about whether it's going to be safe. The acting throughout is strong and believable and despite the film's low budget, they kept back enough cash for copious amounts of blood which flows pretty freely as the action intensifies. I noticed minor flaws, but very unimportant set against the strongly drawn characters and the relationships between the members of the group - friendship, trust and mistrust. Certainly not a feel-good movie, but one to make you think. Worth watching.

Reviewed by alistar-27996 2 / 10 / 10

A bunch of stuff happens....

OK, a bunch of people I can't care about - except the guy with TB cos I kinda feel sorry for him - all die. Oh one doesn't, but I don't care about her either. The story is kinda cool and the whole scenario can and should work, but it's just poorly written and you can't engage or empathise with anyone. I give it a 2 cos giving it a 1 is just plain mean. Wouldn't ever give anyone a 1 no matter how bad.

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