The Cobbler


Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

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April 11, 2019



Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner
Dan Stevens as Alexander Lemtov
Dustin Hoffman as Izzy Panofsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aktham_Tashtush 7 / 10 / 10

The story is so catchy,, the comedy is fresh,, one of the best Sandler's movies in years ;)

The idea of the movie is fresh new ... at the beginning it starts so vaguely intriguing .. if i didn't knew it's Adam sandler's movie and already had watched the trailer and knew it's a comedy i wouldn't get it from that start of New York 1903 story ;) The plot is catchy starts easy understandable and grows nicely to the flip point where the shoe maker uses that magical "stitcher" machine we saw on the trailer and wears his first shoe ,, there is some predictability but it was still nice storyline to follow. The screenplay is tight ,, perfectly written, the movie itself is purposeful ,, like literally "put yourself in somebody's shoes" what would you do !! Seeing how everyone's life really is ... having his own life, problems, having fun ...etc until things go waaaaay bad :D Well as for the cast ,, i mean come on .. it's Adam Sandler and i don't know but i really liked the short appearance of Dustin Hoffman i like him too,, his role kinda brought some emotional moments to the movie ;) Overall the movie is really sweet ,, not the type of comedy where you find yourself on your back laughing ,, but it works with the events smoothly.

Reviewed by matthewboulter 9 / 10 / 10

Incomprehensibly bad

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Adam Sandler plays a sociopath that you're supposed to sympathize with; however, one of the first scenes involves him putting the shoes of someone else on, becoming that person, then going to that person's house and almost raping the guy's girlfriend in the shower but then realizing he can't because he would have to take his shoes of and change back into his real self. OMG. WTF. Another scene involves a 2 minute montage of him becoming different people when he puts their shoes on; one of these people happens to be transgender. The montage then stops abruptly to make an incredibly awkward and unfunny joke about transgender people: as he looks in the mirror, he says, "I'm a woman", then he puts his hand in his pants and pulls it out, shaking it in disgust, "No I'm not, no I'm not!" When he's a Chinese person, he goes to chinatown for the first time. When he's a black person, he robs people. The climax involves him, playing the transgender woman, kidnapping a drug dealer. The drug dealer overpowers him and the drug dealer says, "don't worry, I'm not going to shoot you, she-man. I'm going to choke you to death". The man begins to do so, until Sandler kicks him in the neck with his high-heel, killing him. Remember, this is supposed to be a comedy. In the final scene, Steve Buscemi becomes Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler's dad, and he tells Adam about how he has learned about what it means to be a cobbler. They get into a limo in the back of a barber shop and drive off into the night, setting up a sequel.

Reviewed by pheathco 9 / 10 / 10

Quirky gem of a film.

I really don't understand the negative reviews of this film, I was hooked right from the getgo, and I usually can't stand Adam Sandler!

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