The Best Offer


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance

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April 12, 2019


Geoffrey Rush as Henry
Jim Sturgess as Jamie Morgan
Sylvia Hoeks as Leigh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sergeant_Tibbs 8 / 10 / 10

Unique, intriguing and elegant. This is clearly the work of experts.

The only Guiseppe Tornatore film I've seen is Cinema Paradiso which is an absolute masterpiece. It surprises me that he was only in his early 30s when he directed it as the film already showed the work of an expert, given that his other films aren't as notable. The Best Offer, with its tight screenplay, lush sets, brilliant performance by Geoffrey Rush and beautiful score by Ennio Morricone, also exemplifies the sophisticated expertise filmmaking. It's refreshing to see a film with a unique universe grounded in the culture of our own with some bizarrely specific themes. While my only complaint is that the dialogue has this very "written" quality about it that is near impossible to deliver in a natural way, it's at least consistent throughout. The story is constantly intriguing, held together by a Hitchcockian mystery feeling, and always pays off in a unique way. I'm not one for "old man and young girl romance" stories as they're rarely without uncomfortable perversion but The Best Offer completely justifies it with its well developed characters and themes. However, what makes this film so special and strange is the dramatic turn in the third act. Heartbreaking not only for the characters but for the audience that the film changes so drastically. But this is what made the film stick with me so much. It's wonderful to have a film that you toss and turn in your head, trying to figure out what it's all about. I can't divulge as anybody who hasn't seen it will be spoiled. Just go watch one of the best offers 2013 cinema has in store so far. 8/10

Reviewed by mahermoqamer 4 / 10 / 10

Best of alltime

If there was a movie then it is the best offer what a great movie

Reviewed by Barbara Ritthaler 4 / 10 / 10

Oh please...

What a disappointment. The sets are beautiful and the movie starts of well and it is watchable, mostly because of Geoffrey Rush.. The Robert character is not believable and neither is Donald Sutherland's Billy. The story holds up until SPOILER BELOW the protagonist is beaten up. After that, I immediately figured out where it was heading. The agoraphobic lady is so very annoying: a sane person would run away from her after the first phone call. She sounds so fake. The whole movie is fake and it's a shame, because it could have been so much better with little effort.

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