The 9th Life of Louis Drax


Mystery / Thriller

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July 12, 2019



Jamie Dornan as Jack
Oliver Platt as Tommy Fawkes
Sarah Gadon as Liz Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mark Smit 8 / 10 / 10

Atmospheric and dreamy with beautiful soundtrack

I'm surprised this movie doesn't have a higher rating. While I didn't like the makeup and voice of the monster and thought the movie might have been better without it, I liked the mix of fantasy and reality. I saw the plot twist coming a bit early, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment. The narration from the kid's perspective was fine. I always love it when a story doesn't assume a child is stupid and adults are know-it-alls. I definitely felt empathy for the kid. What I liked the most was the soundtrack, which really carries the movie. I'm a huge Patrick Watson fan and I hope he'll get the opportunity to make many more soundtracks. I had some flashbacks to The Sixth Sense (which admittedly is a better movie overall). It also had a dreamy, melancholic, atmospheric quality to it and I think lovers of M. Night Shyamalan-style mystery will definitely enjoy this movie too.

Reviewed by Ian 9 / 10 / 10

Failed to Deliver on Promising Potential

(Flash Review) I really wanted to like this in part from the attractive DVD cover and quirky movie title. It was a good attempt with an intriguing core plot around mind melding, subconscious and dreams yet sadly misses the mark to be exceptional. Louis Drax is a young boy who has been very fortunate to still be alive as he is like a cat, as the title implies, and has had many lives and due to foolish or unfortunate life occurrences could easily be dead. The surreal portions of the film's theme could have been executed more convincingly. And it was not visually captivating nor imaginative enough. Its pacing and scene development felt very tedious and by the time interesting things began to occur my interest level had fallen so far that all impact was lost. It was also rather more depressing than it needed to be. Overall, it was a missed opportunity.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 9 / 10 / 10

An incredible source for a tragic course of events

A young boy, apparently prone to accidents, nearly escaped death eight times across his short life. While on a picnic with his separated parents, he's involved in another accident, in which he falls from a very high cliff, directly into the cold water. He manages to survive but enters a deep coma from which he doesn't seem willing to recover, while his suffering mother must deal with his situation but also with the disappearance of his father, who's accused of attempting to kill him. It's a movie which introduces a deep mystery and throughout its length, it does what it can to lead the viewer to various leads, thus making almost everyone a suspect. It slowly describes the troubled life of young Louis, introducing new information which is intended to increase suspense and make the picture more and more interesting. Its actors do a very good job in creating this dramatic atmosphere which ends with a highly unexpected conclusion. Although breath-taking in essence with most of its scenes, its way of inserting stories into stories and moving from present to the past and the other way around makes you unable to miss the somehow erratic and unexplainable actions the main characters undergo in many tense situations, which somehow affect the course of events. Also, although unexpected and mind boggling, the finale is not very satisfying, as it could have done a bit more to end this dramatic movie. Overall, it's a very good movie of its kind which manages to unfold a deep and troubling mystery in a very interesting way, but misses the chance of being truly great due to some details which could have been easily avoided.

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