Sweet Dreams


Drama / Romance

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Bérénice Bejo as Marie Brisson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by valadas 7 / 10 / 10

Deep psycholgical drama

A nine year old boy is deeply affected by his mother's death and keeps missing her very much. Even after reaching adult age he is upset by his memories of that. He becomes a successful journalist but is often panic- stricken and asking for help. The story develops itself through frequent flashbacks and flash forwards keeping our attention firmly attached to the action developmenr. The performers' acting is rather good and the movie good enough to be seen.

Reviewed by bobbie-16 / 10

Good acting, psych drama, Italian issues

This movie held my attention, and the acting --especially the little boy's--was excellent. The thematic of the movie is lying about tragic events, or-- if you prefer a different wording-- a "closed" and secretive attitude towards them. In some cultures, there is a considerable degree of openness about cancer, suicide, and death in general. (For example, see Ikiru, a great Japanese movie). In other cultures (and I would say Italian is one of them) these situations are treated with great secrecy, and the individuals most directly affected by them are not told the truth. I think most Americans will guess pretty early in the movie what really happened and the revelation at the end will not be a surprise at all. This made it a little hard for me to relate to the central issue of the movie, though I think it was probably very moving for many viewers, and of course we can sympathize with a child who has lost his mother, regardless of the circumstances.

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