Sweeney 2


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Denholm Elliott as Michael Gregory
John Thaw as Det. Insp. Jack Regan
Nigel Hawthorne as Pastor De Ruiter
Patrick Malahide as Major Conway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by udar55 8 / 10 / 10

"What was that Robert Redford movie? Deep Throat?"

Thaw and Waterman return to their famous roles in this theatrical sequel. This time Detectives Regan and Carter are tracking a group of bank robbers who always nab £100,000 and leave any amount over that in the getaway car. Regan is able to crack the case thanks to his Flying Squad team and some help from his corrupt, imprisoned former Chief (Denholm Elliott). This is a lot darker that SWEENEY! but still features some humor (mostly with Regan spouting off on hapless underlings). Like the first film, there are some shockingly violent set pieces. The only odd bit is a 15-minute detour where the boys go to a hotel to disarm a bomb. It is completely pointless, appears midway through, and reeks of something shot afterward to pad out the film's running time.

Reviewed by Big S-2 10 / 10 / 10

Kipper ties and expendable Cortinas

A slightly rougher and (in the last 15 minutes or so) more violent & gory spin-off from the TV series but with no DCI Haskins. Instead we suddenly have some bloke who looks like Sir Humphrey off `Yes Minister' playing Regan's & Carter's boss. The plot is a bit disjointed in places. Basically it's about a gang of `armed blaggers' toting gold sawn-offs and alarming '70s hairdos who jet in from Malta every so often to turn over some London bank. But then halfway through, the focus suddenly switches to some French-speaking `geezer' from Beirut in a hotel disarming a bomb in his room. He has absolutely nothing to do with the armed blaggers, but we stay with him for a good 20 minutes as George Carter dresses up as room service, takes him a large Scotch and ends up helping him disarm the bomb while all the other coppers have an impromptu booze-up downstairs in the hotel bar. No explanation as to who he is, where the bomb came from and what he's doing there, except for later on when Regan tells Carter `by the way' that `the geezer with the bomb' was with the CIA. And that's it!!! We're left to fill in the many blanks ourselves as the plot goes back to the expat blaggers living it up on Malta and planning their next `job'. We learn that they steal the exact equivalent of $100,000 in every raid - no more and no less. But again, absolutely no explanation is given as to the rationale behind this. Then there's Denholm Elliot's crooked Detective Superintendent who gets `sent down' for corruption. Early on we're told that he was Regan's ex-boss and that the two had been working closely for years, but I don't recall ever seeing or even hearing of the character in the TV series (although I can't claim to have seen every episode and it's been some years since I saw the programme so maybe I've missed something). Like its parent TV series and similar shows of the era (such as `The Professionals'), Sweeney 2 sticks two fingers firmly up at the PC brigade, and that's still very refreshing to see in this day and age, when programme-makers seem to be obsessed with tokenism, `inclusiveness' and not `offending' anyone. Despite its shortcomings and plot vagaries, this is an enjoyable movie for those with fond memories of a golden age in British television and '70s nostalgics in general. A bit of a mixed bag to be sure, but worth a look.

Reviewed by ianbaritone2 10 / 10 / 10

just a real gripping film fro start-finish

Just a gripping Film from the start, some really good acting from the late John Thaw as ever. A film is a must see for all fans of the Sweeney, the locations are just a good setting with plenty of action in the film. Some brilliant support actors as well in the film. The opening scene is just the start of it this continues through the film. The last 15/20 Min's of film where the squad are planning the attack at the villains is just brilliant,some true real gripping stuff and the ending as you really on the edge of your seat, you just hope that Jack gets to the villains before it all goes wrong for them right at the end,it all nip and tuck in this film with Jack having the best bit at the end of the film, it look like that he had lost out to the woman who was on the reception desk in the hotel when she goes back to his flat and falls asleep in the chair however when the job is complete the squad are in the pub celebrating the success they have had and she walks in with a nod from Carter to his Gaffer sends Jack in to a super mood with some wild dancing to the fiddle player much to the annoyance of the owner of the pub who as aid "No dancing or music in here please" but in the end just gives up on it and leaves it to them to get on with it

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