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Brian Glover as First Policeman
Ian Bannen as Col. Charles Thomas Buckner
John Thaw as Det. Insp. Jack Regan
Nick Brimble as First Villager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markmartin2305 8 / 10 / 10

Cheers Guv'nor

A no frills film in keeping with the series, the genre and the time. This is a film about edgy London police in an edgy London in the edgy 70's. You could of course substitute "edgy" for "dodgy" in the above sentence and it would still be true... For those of us around in the 70's it, like the series, is fantastically atmospheric. The hair, the clobber (look out for Regan's green anorak), the boozers, the motors, the women. The plot is far less important than the characters who are all superb, and a particular mention for the young (and very beautiful) Diane Keen, and to a lesser extent Linda Bellingham - whose nudity makes you look at those OXO adverts very differently (or it would if they were still on) The film also gives some extra scope to the relationship between Regan & Carter, and there are some edgy moments between the 2, starting with their morning-after-the-night-before and culminating in the dramatic ending and indeed the film's last words. One of the many things I liked about the Sweeney was its realism and how it didn't portray its main characters as heroes but showed their dark sides and their failures. I loved the TV Sweeney, for me John Thaw's (God rest his soul) Regan is one of, if not the, best TV characters of all time and this is an appropriate and very satisfying movie length "episode" Hollywood it ain't guv'nor, and for me thats what makes it the boll***s.

Reviewed by philkessell 8 / 10 / 10

They didn't kill him. YOU DID!

I suppose anyone born in the late 60s or before is going to look fondly on this, and I'm no exception. I don't know about you but watching this (and the series of course) makes me think that there is just something missing in today's police related stuff on TV. It comes across as too sanitized, too clean, as though every 'officer' is reduced to some kind of professional stereotype (the good guy, the bad guy, the guy trying to escape his typecasting as Mark Fowler etc etc). 'Sweeney' comes across as REAL. Of course it's cannon fodder for all those comments about trim phones, flares, kipper ties etc, but let's face it folks, at least the 70s had an IDENTITY. What is there now? What differentiates a 15 year old episode of 'The Bill' from one made in 2005? Not much I reckon. That's why this is good - real people with real personalities, foibles, quirks etc behaving human beings. I remember once that Regan was asked why he was still an inspector - 'I don't play golf' was the response. How true is that in the wider world! Enough rambling - the film itself. To me the acting is uniformally excellent; Foster doesn't come across as negatively pragmatic or oleaginous till mid way through the film, and the way his plan unfolds slowly as your distaste for him increases is carefully handled. By the end, you're rooting for him to get his come uppance. Also, the way Regan is hemmed in by those in authority as the film progresses is nicely claustrophobic, particularly when a suspended Regan meets Carter in a pub and is advised to 'get yourself some Alka Seltzer.' There are many quotable one liners here, deftly delivered by key protagonists. 'Alright Tinkerbell, you're nicked' is up there with 'in a thin glass' IMHO. Of course, they needed a 'big' plot to fill 90 minutes, and comparisons with Watergate and the general economic malaise endemic in Britain in the mid 70s are obvious. But put all that to one side folks - if you liked the series, you will like this, especially if, like me, you can remember a time when watching something on TV was an event to look forward to.

Reviewed by ogdendc 8 / 10 / 10

'All right, Tinkerbell, you're nicked'

I remember seeing, and liking, this when it first came out in 1977. I loved the introduction to Regan and Carter, hung over after a night of debauchery with an air hostess. 'The code word is air screw.' The initial murder scene of Lynda Bellingham's character sticks in the mind too. I found it believable and it sets the film off at a great pace. I loved the 70s British clothes. Look out for the ubiquitous green parka with the furry hood! We all had them. And the 70s British cars. They were brilliant once you got them started and before they rusted through. God, those stunt drivers could handle them. I loved the grittiness of it all and the convincing performances by Thaw, Waterman, Welland, Keen and Foster. I loved the details like the Private Eye hung up by Cater's toilet. Great plot and great snapshot of 70s British culture. 'All right, Tinkerbell, you're nicked'.

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