Superman vs. The Elite


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 6 / 10 / 10

Superman vs. The Elite: Great idea, flawed ending

Superman vs The Elite is one of the darker animations of it's kind, and I liked that. Superman comes into contact with a new superpowered group calling themselves The Elite, but they have a different way of doing things and that brings them all into conflict. The Elite believe in killing the bad guys, and I sided with them throughout. Superman captures bad guys, they escape, countless people die, rinse wash repeat. I firmly believe that eradicating the threat makes more sense, and such a fear would also lower crime as well. Because of that I found myself disliking the hero and that's simply bad writing, he came across self righteous and this all built to a damaging finale. You see I was enjoying the film, it was one of the better DC outings I'd seen in a while so thats why the final 10 minutes were such a shame. Superman vs The Elite will be a fantastic watch for folks who believe in Supermans message, but if you're like me this was radiate disappointment. The Good: The Atomic Skull & Menagerie were great Well scored The Bad: Superman looks goofy, like Solomon Grundys slow half brother This movie actually made me dislike Superman Not keen on the ending Things I Learnt From This Movie: I firmly agree with The Elite over Superman 4 vs 1 is a "Fair fight"

Reviewed by DCfan 10 / 10 / 10

Awesome movie

This along side Superman Unbonded is probably one of the best Superman movies up to date. It was nice having George Newbern the voice of Superman from Justice League, Justice League Unlimated and The Batman reprise his role as Superman. The other voice actors were also really good as there roles. The animation how ever could have improved because it looked the animation from Spectacular Spiderman and the characters designs from Digimon fusion and Yo Kai Watch anime with fragments of there animation was put in a blender and spilt on paper. Back to the designs some of these could have improved. But aside from that the action sequences with The Atomic Skull and Manchester Black where good. We even get to see Superman's true power when he goes to the point of killing. I would recomand this movie to all Superman fans and JL fans.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10 / 10

Superman Rules!!!

The Man of Steel finds himself outshone by a new team of ruthless superheroes who hold his idealism in contempt. Superman v.s The Elite is a great movie and that comes from someone that isn't so crazy about the man of Steel i liked the concept and the story but also the action and that Superman had to compete with some new heroes. My favorite scene is when Superman went insane and started killing everyone and his one eye was red and i was like aww my god did he just or didn't he? Although i would like it if he actually killed them i mean it would be a piece of cake he's an Alien from Space shooting lasers from his eyes and he can freeze anything with his breath and also he can fly so it could be way easy.

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