Suing the Devil


Drama / Fantasy

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April 12, 2019


Corbin Bernsen as Brian Fuller
Malcolm McDowell as The Employer
Tom Sizemore as Richard Gates
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seacnnct 1 / 10 / 10

Pathetic film. Worst movie I've seen in a very long time.

Only decent thing was Malcolm as the devil. Every other actor sucked. The script and dialogue is so bad it makes my brain hurt. Then you add ultra naive Christian propaganda on top and there is your cake. I watched it since I liked to watch a B-movie with a devil which is usually a good combo for a lazy days film, but this movie simply did not deliver even what a cheap movie should. Every person who has given this film a positive review or more than 1-2 points review is either financially involved or wants to back up a Christian propaganda film for their religious interests. This movie is simply so bad that the opinion margin could not be more than that. I gave it one star I could have given two just to a statement that there was 1 good actor in a film. But in the end it didn't help the film a bit since even devil's dialogue in the script was just pathetic.

Reviewed by rodrig58 7 / 10 / 10

Babyish & jejune, meaning puerile & childish!

Satan, I mean, Malcolm McDowell, because you produced the movie and played the role of Satan, can I sue you? I have more accusations against you. Do not get me wrong, I love you, you're one of my favorite actors, "A Clockwork Orange" is one of the best movies ever made, BUT, what's this bad joke? Could not find a better script? Apart from you, everything is pathetic, stupid, deadly boring, childish. Everything is stupid, starting with the story and ending with the play of all actors. Embarrassing! And, is not Satan who invented the noise and all he's accused of in the movie. Mister McDowell, you have to make at least two very good movies, close to the level of "A Clockwork Orange", to forgive you this sin called "Suing the Devil"(2011). There are a lot of reviews that say only superlative stuff about this movie, which shows how stupid or how fake the writers are. Fake and cowards, because they do not have the courage to tell the truth, that the movie is very bad, probably for the fear of God, Jesus, the Bible, faith, etc. Because the movie talks about all that. I am convinced that God and Jesus are ashamed of such a film, it does not do any service, on the contrary. You are not good Christians liking this film, you are just simply stupid! One star for Malcolm, that's all!

Reviewed by Jason Brown 7 / 10 / 10

What a Surprise

When I picked this up for a rental, I figured I could use what looked like a laughably awful and cheesy looking Christian film (I only like maybe 10% of all Christian films, I'm exceptionally picky) and make fun of it. No need. It starts, surprisingly, with a nice and provocative intro, a bit of backstory to bring you to the present. But, soon enough, it shows it's willing to poke fun at itself. In other words, it uses meta humor. It's aware of its cheesy nature and cheesy humor, doesn't always take itself seriously and, when it does, it never gets depressing. Not really. There were times that I laughed out loud for an unexpected moment of humorous madness ("I hate KISS, I'm a Tom Jones fan.") and, with some of the special effects, it's aware it's not using a high budget (I think Duncan Jones's small film "Moon" has a bigger budget) and it was okay being silly. I was worried that, being an independent Christian film, it would rely too much on cheesy allegorical elements and be too heavy-handed on using them. Turns out, it uses such elements a few times, but also gets goofy when using them ("Section 666? I've never heard of section 666, are you making that up?"). In the courtroom scenes, it uses a nice dose of its established humor and some very good twists. I hadn't expected a couple of them, so they were well used in their contexts. You have a side that's siding with Luke O'Brien and one side siding with Satan (everytime I looked at both, I wanted to laugh), and to be honest, the devil side just looks so silly (imagine diecore fans of Marilyn Manson, Motionless in White, Iron Maiden, etc. looking candy softened). Numerous times, the humor did get put aside for a serious topic and shown how fickle human nature can be (like a part about using a racist slur and the immediate reaction, I've seen similar incidents in real life). I was surprised about the balance. If anything negative, I couldn't stand how it ended. I felt very much let down, like a cheap cop out. I won't explain why, but I thought "Seriously? That's it??" Everything up to that point was well done for such a low budget film. Especially with such a well- known actor stealing the show as the devil.

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