Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
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Ewan McGregor as Jasper Black
Hayden Christensen as Sam Monroe
Joel Edgerton as Sir John Falstaff
Natalie Portman as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mattbrant 9 / 10 / 10

One Word........ Fantastic

SPOILERS AHEAD! This movie gets a lot of criticism it does not deserve. 1. The Acting of the this film is a lot better than the last two prequels, there is emotion shown when order 66 is introduced or when Anakin turns to the Dark side. 2. The dialogue is also improved in this film. It was terrible in the last two but it has been improved. There are a few lines with bad dialogue like Darth Vaders Noooooo at the end. 3. You can't blame the actors for being bad when the scripts they are given are no good. For example people hate on Hayden Christensen, however in his defense, who could act with that kind of dialogue anyway? thought he did a very good job of it. 4. This is the only prequel which isn't boring. The other two had too much politic talk and peace treaty signings, this film there were more battles and lightsaber fights. I really like the opening battle on Coruscant, the CGI already looks better than episode ll and it really shows you the war between the republic and the separatists. Next we have the lightsaber battle Obi wan and Anakin vs Count Dooku. I already think this lightsaber battle was a lot better than the one in episode ll. It is a lot better choreographed and and you really feel tension in Chancellor Palatine's voice when he says "do it" to Anakin when he is about to kill Dooku, it gives you a little hint of the emperor. After this we have the Obi Wan vs General Grievous, I think it was a good battle but a bit short and I also like the battle on Kashyyyk and Utapau. After this really it is Mace Windu vs Palpatine. I do not like this battle as I think the 3 Jedi at the start were killed way to easily and the battle was lacking pace. However I really like the scene where Anakin has to choose if he will save Windu or Palpatine. Then after this it is order 66. Love the idea. George Lucas explains in this scene how the Jedi were wiped out in the galaxy at Palpatine ordered the clone army, you can see Yoda's face and what he is feeling afterwards. The last action scenes in the movie are the two lightsaber battles at the end. Anakin vs Obi Wan and Yoda vs the Emperor. I think the Yoda vs the Emperor is a good fight we all wanted to see and we know why Yoda never had a lightsaber in the original trilogy as he lost it battling the emperor, it's a good battle but nothing compared to the other one. Anakin vs Obi wan is my favourite lightsaber fight not only in the prequels, but the entire saga. It has everything fast pace, action, emotion , flips , background and the music is stunning. Battle of the Heroes is one of my favourite Star Wars pieces. 5. The Plot. This film has a compelling story, I love the way Chancellor Palpatine just persuades Anakin to think he is ready to be a Jedi master and then the council don't approve, this frustrates Anakin and Palpatine knew it would. Then he does the same thing when he thinks Anakin should fight General Grievous. Every time Anakin talks to Palpatine, he starts to talk more about the Dark side, like when he told him about Darth Plagieus the wise. I love this quote "is it possible to learn this power? Not from a Jedi". Palpatine knows Anakin has fear about his mother so he lied to him about this power. I think it was a great idea, it really showed us the temptation and manipulation of the dark side. So After this Anakin kills Mace Windu and then he says "I will pledge myself to your teachings", the only part I don't like his transition the dark side is that it is too rushed. 9 minutes after he said this line he is killing younglings! Don't get me wrong I like order 66 and the Jedi temple March song, it really shows the republic's fall and the empires rise. The next biggest scene is the emotion from Obi wan after the lightsaber battle on Mustafar. The acting from Ewan McGregor is better than ever and really shows he was a brother to Anakin. The next few scenes are connection scenes liking 3 and 4, this transition works and makes perfect sense though. 6. So overall this is a fantastic movie Things I love: The Wars, lightsaber fights, the special effects, the emotion, the acting from Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan and Ian Mcdirmind as Emperor Palpatine, Republic's downfall and the Empires Rise, the Soundtrack (especially Battle of the Heores and Jedi Temple March), the Scenery, Order 66, Jar Jar doesn't have a line, the linkage form 3 to 4. 7. However There are a few flaws, Things that are not so great: The dialogue in some places is a bit dodgy, don't mind the scenery but there is an overuse of CGI, Vader's transition is rushed. 8. Overall it is a Fantastic movie, my 3rd favourite of the saga below The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

Reviewed by BiiivAL 10 / 10 / 10

This is war

May 19, 2005 was not a simple day for fans and fans of the "Star Wars". It was a day when all pieces of history fell into place, finally opening a riddle that lasted more than 28 years. People imagined and thought out, wrote books and stories, collected facts and made legends, and everything for the sake of one saga, which will forever remain in the hearts of its admirers. Probably, almost every person, leaving the hall, could not convey or describe in words, what happened during these several hours in the cinema. Joyful, sad, tearful, shocked faces, slowly headed for the exit, promising to come back and see this episode again. This is the chapter of history, truly the most intense and the most powerful. It penetrates into the lungs, not allowing to breathe, touching hearts and souls. We are just spectators. But we can experience. And at some point, there is only a doomed sigh, realizing that there is no way out. Indeed, the third episode is the most cruel and tragic. There is much more pain and despair in it than in any other part. Here the republic collapses like a house of cards, turning into an empire, the Jedi perish at the hands of their "single minded", and the face of Anakin Skywalker forever hides the black helmet of Darth Vader. And all this inspires horror, the horror of hopelessness, when you slowly begin to understand that all this is only part of the plan, the way of a petty senator to a ruthless emperor, where everyone is just a pawn, in a huge game of the big world. And every word said accidentally becomes the key to this great puzzle, which accompanies the imperial march. But when you realize it, it's too late. "I swear the faithfulness of your teachings," whispers the future dark lord to his master with despair and devotion, asking only one thing - to save her beloved. At this moment Anakin Skywalker perishes, dies together with the republic, along with the Jedi, together with her beloved, giving birth to Darth Vader - the future tyrant, which inspires terror and fear, driven by hatred and despair, in the eyes of which something like love is reflected ... And the most terrible thing was that it was inevitable. The Jedi themselves dug themselves a pit, while the enemy stood behind them, alternately, pushing them down. This is war. Order 66. The army of clones. Padmé Anakin. Alone, these errors are not so significant, but together they form a whole madness and panic, in one hour destroying everything that the galaxy has been working on for many millennia. Therefore here the absolute evil and absolute good unite in the struggle, this cinema and consists of some contrasts. Good and bad, the Jedi and the Sith, Obi-Wan and Anakin, the emperor and Yoda, Anakin and Padmé. Such a controversial character went to Hayden Cristian. In essence, he plays two opposites in one body. Nobility and sincerity at the beginning and anger and hatred in the end. And all fear began, which slowly grew into panic, then into despair, anger, getting to hatred. It was thanks to fear that the emperor firmly grabbed Anakin's soul, not wanting to let go of his new servant. The glitter of embittered eyes, in which hatred for everything and the thirst for power breathe. It is difficult to imagine someone who could better cope with this task. Therefore, there are no more words left than one: "I believe". It's all over, Anakin. I'm above you! The battle of Obi-Wan and Skywalker is what remains in memory forever. This is not just a battle between two people who have spent together their whole lives, this is a battle between two brothers who sacrificed their lives for each other's sake. Here, the side and skills of each are determined. Obi-Wan (in the brilliant, by the way, performance of Evan McGregor) does not try to follow the easy ways to achieve his goals. He goes to Mustafar, he understands with bitterness what is going on. Therefore, this battle is not only with the darkness, it is a battle with yourself, with your feelings and attachments. Unlike Anakin, Obi-Wan is firmly committed to duty, goals, order. For some reason, he is sorry for the most in the end. A person who, in any situation, acted as correctly, and not as easily. At the same time, we see the battle of two other opposites. Yoda and the emperor. Here, the battle goes for other concepts, for democracy, peace and freedom. The fate of the entire galaxy is being decided. And as the swords are crossed, good and evil are constantly side by side, weaving and maintaining the balance of power, crossing swords, but achieving different goals. But where did it start? Padmé Amidala, without knowing it herself, is the center of the whole string and culmination that unfolds during these few hours. A tragic figure that unwittingly became the key to the empire, from which they simply got rid of unnecessarily. Natalie Portman, like no other, fits into a gloomy sweep and the helpless panic that reigns around. Her heroine is touching and ardent, but unable to change anything, she is only an outside observer of the war and the collapse of the republic. Painful and sad ... Most of the attention of the film is given to Anakin, whose fear and sweeping increasingly turns him into the ruler of the Sith. However, about the persecution of General Grievous, powerful battles and amazing planets, also did not forget. This is a movie that will not leave anyone indifferent. Yes, and whether to restrain feelings? After all, this legend, which will be remembered. Bravo George Lucas. The highest ball.

Reviewed by healinghoe 10 / 10 / 10

The saga ends, or does it?

The last of the star wars films to be made and done in spectacular style. The only thing with this film is that it relies too much on digital technology, which causes it to lose some of the charm of the original trilogy. That aside, Star Wars Episode 3 is by far the most dramatic and spectacular of all the Star Wars films. Continuing the story of episode 2, this film tells of the events leading up to the original trilogy. It tells the tale through three key elements, 1. Tragedy 2. Betrayal 3. Romance These elements make this film the most stunning and the best of the prequel trilogy, and a debatable best in the saga. It is my favourite but others may disagree. But the film is worth a look, even if you're not a hardened star wars fan.

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