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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomfsloan 7 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly Entertaining

This was not the best movie ever made but it was very entertaining. This was the first of two sequels so far. There was something going on all the time. Not much down time at all. There were a number of plot holes and dumb moments, but you could say that about most movies. As the bad guy, Eric Roberts is good. His little fantasies were effective (and they were made even better in the second sequel.) The overall acting was pretty good. I liked the sets and locations they used. Typical Hollywood, but still nice. They could make a whole series of these Stalking Doctor movies!

Reviewed by Quinoa1984 7 / 10 / 10

I hope there's a whole series of these movies, like Death Wish but in reverse

Of course I watched this with my wife, of course I did - the first one was a spectacularly hysterical comedy in the guise of a stalker thriller featuring the great ham Eric Roberts in set pieces like him repeating in a hissy fit "I'm a GOOD DOCTOR! I'M A GOOD DOCTOR!" This time he "returns" and basically pulls a Lolita plot-line, romancing the mother of a teenager to get close to the latter (though she's 18, don't want him to suddenly be TOO creepy, right?) It's got some similarly hysterical, holy-horseshit moments like when Eric Roberts is driving after a momentary rejection and is going faster and faster and faster around the bends of a highway. At the same time it doesn't have quite enough of them to be as terribly memorable (or memorably terrible) as the first movie, which got the formula down already as far as plot-convenient-stalking-doctor movies go (I'm sure there are so many out there, and I'm only half joking), so this follows similar tropes but gets slowed down in its energy from a 'Brother' character to the mother character who becomes the expendable one. But it is still worth watching if you or your significant other, or both, are in the mood for Eric Roberts being his particularly enjoyably slimy motherf****r of a character, having multiple dream 'what-if' scenarios and ending his plight at a moment that is simply... perfection.

Reviewed by Desertman84 7 / 10 / 10

Roberts Make It Better With A Wink And His Performance

Eric Roberts returns for his role as the Dr.Beck and once again he is up to no good in this Lifetime TV movie thriller.Stalked By My Doctor:The Return is a sequel that tells the story of another misadventure or better yet obsession with another patient. At the opening of this TV movie that also stars the beauteous Claire Blackwelder and Hilary Greer,we get to see Dr.Beck at Acapulco,Mexico trying to meet someone interesting whom he can get romantically involved with.But he turned out to be rejected by a female rich snob for not being rich enough.But things turn out to be positively fine after he saves someone from drowning via Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR).He meets gets to know the teen- age Amy Watkins,whom he has given CPR, and her mother Linda Watkins,who happens to be a rich widow and is scared of heights. Very much attracted to the teen-age Amy,Dr. Beck tries to get into the picture of the lives of the Watkins family.He does this by helping Linda with her fear of heights and getting romantically involved by marrying her in order to try to kill her in the process to eventually get into Amy.He also tries to be a trainwreck by breaking up Amy with her current boyfriend and killing Linda's brother Uncle Roger,who discovers that he is up to no good. Being a typical Lifetime TV movie,do I need to tell more on how this movie is going to end up and who is going to stop Dr.Beck eventually?The last spoiler I am going to give is that the police would be no way involved in stopping the neurotic and psycho doctor.Obviously,this is a clichéd and predictable with typical elements of a Lifetime TV movie.It also has some ridiculous moments particularly when Linda did not fall but managed to hang on into the wall upon being pushed by the doctor for her death.Also, questionable parts of the screenplay exist on like why is the youngest character - the teen-age Amy - the smartest character into the story as compared to the adults like her mother,her uncle and the up-to-no-good doctor? But in spite of it all,one would definitely enjoy watching it.Even a fellow reviewer IMDb suggested a regular Stalked By My Doctor series.No question that one would love Julia Roberts' older brother as the up-to-no-good doctor in his obsessions with different patients.It is a fact that the actor is enjoying himself in this B- movies with a wonderful performance and having fun on the set.The wink that he had upon saving the prison guard via CPR attests to that. Aside from that,the wink could also be a sign for viewers that another TV movie about Dr.Beck is coming soon in 2018. Why not?Isn't Eric the most prolific actor we have to day on TV?With those reasons mentioned,he makes it a better movie to watch at Lifetime Channel.Definitely,a lot better than many of the TV movies shown at Lifetime including those with the title "Stalked By My ______" movies.

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