Spy Cat


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zac_g12 9 / 10 / 10

This movie needs to be recognized as visual art.

I enjoyed the graphics. The landscape stood out the best. The story was very enjoyable cut with humor along the way. I liked the idea of a group of heroes coming up like the wizard of oz. This has been one of the very best to date.

Reviewed by tonimanganelli 7 / 10 / 10

cute and funny

This european animated movie has fun humor and an overall great heartfelt message. I loved the character design of the four animals and their humorous presentation. Each of them has its own original personality Their funny relationship made the film. Marnie, the house cat is really cute and cuddly. She knows life only through television and she has to lead the group of different characters on an adventure that will test all of them. The dialogue sometimes sound a little like it's been translated from a foreign language - which probably has, considering this is a german-belgian co-production. All in all it is a nicely told, funny and family friendly film. For adults it might be sometimes a bit silly, but kids will love especially these parts and there are some adult jokes too, that really work.

Reviewed by eliinite 7 / 10 / 10

An original animated with strong characters

That's an unusual animated movie which clearly seems to be for kids as is full with funny animals, supernaive cat, entertaining story. However, the almost rude language and some Despicable Me style irony makes it perfect adult movie as well. It's nice because the characters are very strong, with their own particularities and viewpoint. Sometimes you may annoy because of the strange eye-closing way of the cat but in overall, a good entertainment for kids and adults.

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