Sorority Row


Horror / Mystery

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April 12, 2019


Briana Evigan as Jude Klein
Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa
Margo Harshman as Sylvia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10 / 10

In a row

So another horror remake? Shocker ... though not exactly literally. What it is though is beautiful. Especially if you do like women. There is not much acting necessary (which doesn't imply the people involved are not able to do so), just having to look good and scared. All of them are good in that regard. I haven't seen the original (or I don't remember it?), but the premise is pretty simple. As another reviewer wrote, you could say, just another slasher. The effects/murders are pretty good, so you get your moneys worth from that. Thrills are decent enough, though you do know where it is heading and characters still "act" dumb/irrational, as they always do in those movies

Reviewed by cmovies-99674 9 / 10 / 10

This is the best teen scream slasher of the decade

PROS: The best part about this movie would probably have to be the intensity of the film. There is tons of blood, tons of murder, and tons of fear. The director really knew what qualities he needed to make a scary movie. Another thing that helped this was the mystery aspect of the movie. Most good teen screams have a good "masked killer" "mystery vibe" to it, and this was no different. Those qualities made this movie. Then the resolution to the movie captured everything you wanted. The final thing that I really liked, was how well the director was able to capture a bit of reality in the film. There was a little bit of comedy which felt relaxed in a time of stress, this gave great balance. CONS: The one negative comment would have to be bad acting. The acting in this movie was a hit or miss. Sometimes you got good genuine emotions, other times you got stagnant boring acting.

Reviewed by KillerRomance 9 / 10 / 10

THETA Pi sisters slay

Six girls that are introduced as Chugs (Margo Harshmann), Jessica (Leah Pipes), Claire (Jamie Chung), Ellie (Rumer Willis), Cassidy (Briana Evigan from burning bright) who are celebrating the beginning of their senior year. They clandestinely watch Chug's brother Garret (Matt O'Leary) and Megan (Audrina Partridge) by laptop camera, and Garrett leaves in a panic as Megan throws up as a joke, the group joins Megan as they had a good laugh off and continue with the prank as Garret returns with a car to get to the nearest hospital. They have no phone signal and they are led to an abandoned water well site which is remote from any suburban area. Garrett fatally stabs Megan with a tire iron. In a panic and composure with true inner tendencies coming out like never before, they choose to keep "secrecy and solidarity​" on the cover up by dumping Megan's body with Cassidy's coat, and on time to come back to the party. Eight months later on their graduation thanking Mrs Crenshaw (the fabulous Carrie Fisher who adds comedy flair and balls), as they hang out, a text attachment of the bloody weapon that killed Megan appears on their mobile cell phone, they delete to forget it - and throw another wild party for the evening, then Megan's​ Sister Maggie (Caroline D'Amore) shows up which freaks the group out so they sent her away gently. As the group break up the gruesome and cringing murders happen one by one, as the group are getting mind screwed with impossible possibilities such as: is Megan back from the dead? Or has really Garrett gone nuts? They are at a break down and breaking point with betrayal or making bonds as the story unfolds and the culprit reveals their identity. The script is fantastic because it is so unapologetic and bombastic, this is a crazy and youthful movie that has the darkest humour I ever seen. Majority of the cast is good looking and have their own sense of comedy wit. Leah Pipes steals the show as the detestable, icy, catty, loquacious Jessica who is my favourite character and didn't want her to die. Ellie the plain Jane out of the girls survives and is the most annoying character (identical to the same looking girl from Rob Zombie's Halloween). Despite the turnout, this is one of my favourite horror movies that is crazy, narcissistic, ratty but witty and very funny. The death scenes are well created. What more could you ask for with a great music score and memorable soundtrack?

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