Salvation Boulevard


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Reviewed by Johan Dondokambey 4 / 10 / 10

And where's the comedy?

Well, I was quite curious in how would the movie use a spiritual theme in a comedy. But it seems like not only the movie failed to do so, it can't even deliver a good amount of comedy. Seriously, the only time I laughed watching this movie was when the cop accidentally tased the gas jerry- can. The portions of the drama and comedy didn't balance well. Most of the time, I don't know which is which in the scene, whether between being dramatic of being comedic. The acting overall is so below standard, especially so because of the big names in the cast list. Pierce Brosnan overacted most of his parts. Greg Kinnear felt like he didn't belong in most of the scenes. Even Jennifer Connelly's acting was misplaced most often of the time. Ed Harris gave a nice performance here but his parts was insignificant.

Reviewed by leplatypus 2 / 10 / 10

Salvaged production (web)

For one time that an American movie shows a bit of originality, it's finally destroyed by an awful production ! First, it's a acid comedy about faith which is always helpful for the audience instead to be brainwashed by silly blockbusters. In addition, for a french guy like me, it's a real opportunity as french producers just don't wan't to do movies about this kind of movies ! Next, all the characters are finely fleshed and the casting has found some great names to play them : Jennifer, cool and cunning James Bond n°5, grumpy Ed Harris and other known faces… Next, the thematic and its players are synthesized into a crazy story, full of surprises and funny twists ! Unfortunately, all this is lost in the production ! Like most American movies since 2010, this one abuses the famous ugly Blue / Orange color scheme ! The cinematography relies on those two disgusting choices and the props and wardrobes used them too. So we are left with a smurfs movie or too much tanned people living in a blue / orange world ! It's everywhere, every time for everything or everyone and the pleasure a good « Technicolor » movie is gone ! Thus, it's a pity that such bad taste is left unnoticed as it's become an anti-watching tool that kills too many good movies !

Reviewed by john32935 2 / 10 / 10

Just a horrible movie

This is one of the worst movies I have watched this year - and this assessment has nothing to do with the movie's subject matter (religion) but just the abysmal plot and dialog. There is a fantastic cast, but they are all wasted in this poor attempt at black comedy. Initially the movie has a glimmer of intelligence as we watch a debate between the pastor of a megachurch (Pierce Brosnan) and a famous atheist author (Ed Harris). But the movie quickly devolves into a jumble of ridiculous scenes - all intended to poke fun at religious zealots and the extremes which they will go to all in the name of faith. But in the end, none of the jokes land and the resolution of the characters' dilemmas come to an end too quickly, which is not true for the movie overall as it should have ended after the initial debate scene. Such a waste of talent. To see my other movie reviews, please visit:

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