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James Belushi as Neil Schwary
Michael Massee as Newton
Robert Wisdom as Tambul
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by harry-m 8 / 10 / 10

Better Than Expected

Although I am generally against remaking classic movies, I must admit that this TV-movie starring Jim Belushi was very well done and was far better than I expected. And Belushi's fine acting was a delightful surprise, too. I recommend that you see the original with Humphrey Bogart and compare. You'll enjoy both.

Reviewed by sjfsas 9 / 10 / 10

They shall not grow old!!!

When I first purchased this movie I just got it because I'm into war films. But after I watched it I was really pleased. James Belushi puts in one of his best performances of all time. Helped along by the rest of the cast including Alan David Lee and Jerome Ehlers. The story is a little slow to start off. You get the impression its about a group of soldiers against the desert. But soon the Germans enter the picture and the true plot of the movie becomes apparent. The best part of the film is the ending sequence. Sgt. Gunn (Belushi) is knelt praying over the graves of his fallen comrades. The poem and the tank driving away is just classic. Top quality film and one of my favorites!!!!!

Reviewed by ChuckScholl 9 / 10 / 10

A cinematic pleasure...

Sahara is a cinematic pleasure. For fans of Bogart and of James Belushi, this film will excite you. The story may be a little hard to believe that a hand full of men hold off so many Germans, but Hollywood was part of the war effort 1943 and that is to be expected. Besides, whats wrong with wanting to kick a little Nazi butt every now and then? Anyway, the cinematography alone is worth the watching of this movie. Not unlike the desert scenes in Star Wars - Return of the Jedi and those of more recent films like the Mummy and the Mummy Returns, the richness of color and warmth and the brutal sun make for a heightened experience. If you have a chance to watch this film I highly recommend it so you might form your own opinion. After all, it's has to be better than most of the junk out there lately.

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