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Aidan Quinn as Richard 'Stick' Montgomery
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Haley Webb as Lauren Huxley
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Reviewed by mecheart 7 / 10 / 10

An entertaining thriller complex enough to make you guess

The story of 'Rushlights' is driven by a script that depends on its characters to bring it to life and on its actors to trigger excitement, suspense and intrigue in the viewer. Fortunately, all elements necessary to these ends come together as needed and on time. That means the audience is treated to great performances from Aidan Quinn, Beau Bridges and a surprisingly effective Crispian Belfrage as a villain who gets under your skin and remains there until the climax. What good is a thriller without suspense? In 'Rushlights' that aspect is built and established on the meeting and subsequent rapid fire romance of characters Billy and Sarah who take flight together away from their mundane lives after a tragedy that threatens to shatter her seemingly quiet life. Right away I found myself rooting for Sarah and Billy, hoping they would find a better world somewhere down the endless interstate of the chaos of their world. An unexpected discovery sends them barreling for a far away place they've never been to consummate a high risk proposition that could either set them up for the rest of their lives or end them somewhere on the dark, dusty plains. Enter Bridges and Quinn - brothers who reside in a small dust bowl of a town that has never welcomed strangers, and isn't about to start. One is a straight laced sheriff, the other a lawyer who seems a little too helpful. After not quite riding away into the sunset Sarah and Billy roll into the same small town and while they think their ship is about to come in, the only thing that washes up is trouble and hell. The film burns slowly for most of the way and that suits its script and pacing quite well. 'Rushlights' is a hot, sweaty, hopeful, disappointed and dusty thriller about a handful of people who never would have come together - never should have for that matter. Because when they do not everyone will survive their meet-up in one piece. I will subtract one point only for a questionable twist that comes very late in the film, a twist I found difficult to swallow as no hints to its arrival were provided in the earlier acts and despite its resolution at the last moment, threatened to leave me with an overall bad taste for the film. If you're looking for some decent suspense to tide you over, and most definitely if you are a fan of Quinn or Bridges, check this one out. 'Rushlights' is a nice find for movie night with friends.

Reviewed by badttboy 2 / 10 / 10

Excellent guy movie

I was very surprised after watching this movie. I really was not expecting it to be as good as it was, being that it did not make it to the big screens. Even if the critics were to tear it to pieces, much worse films make it to the big screens every week. I can definitely recommended it as a very enjoyable "Guy flick". It's got a good fair share of action for a thriller. It may not be a "Chick flick" but it has a sufficient amount of romance to make a good date movie. Over all the acting was great. The Plot has it's twist and turns to keep you from getting bored from predictability, which is the norm for most thrillers. If I was to find one thing to pick at. Maybe they could have cut the segment and story relating to the whipping scene. Was not very believable as the type of reaction you would expect from the main character. Maybe they wanted to show some extra skin. However it's a sure entertaining movie.

Reviewed by jockflexx 2 / 10 / 10

Best viewed in a stupor

The plot of this film is so ridiculous, it really is camp. The twists and turns are ridiculous. Josh Henderson is damn cute/hot and kept me tuned in. Most of the acting is over the top, and gives this movie a surreal feeling. The lighting is very,'TV movie of the week,'as are the sets. Watch only at 4a.m. when you can't sleep.

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