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Candace Kita as Kristy Kim
Denise Richards as Kelly Banks
John Witherspoon as Mr. Mimm
Mike Tyson as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JFaye101 10 / 10 / 10

The perfect comedy

I'm A HUGE FAN and with the humor catching everyone in the audience (1000 seats plus packed with more standing than security quite knew how to handle) I heard even more enthusiasm after the film. I guess there will always be that serial pessimist who can find a way to complain even when the audience was laughing throughout the film every five seconds approx. This comedy has been screened by so many long term film industry experts. It's great for a comedy and very relevant to the times mocking American cliché's and spinning spoofs on every element of American consumerism, ignorance, and even a bit of politics as it came out at the perfect time. Every actor was great. plenty of non verbal humor as well with talented actors knowing how to use facial expressions, body language, timing and tones of voice. The lead actress played her part precisely as she was meant to. this film will do very well internationally too and with festivals. It has a message behind it all which people are ready and waiting to see, hear and understand more of...Big Fan here. I was still surprised at what rave reviews it received and how hilarious it really was. Stellar entertainment in every aspect for cast, crew, writers etc and for its genre,several viewers buzzing after the film were trying to compare it to something that hasn't been done before but could turn into a classic like the film 'Clueless' mixed with 'Mean Girls' and 'Friday' definitely worth watching!

Reviewed by VotersChoiceMedia 8 / 10 / 10

American Film Market LOVES this comedy, & it's Star

'A Week In London' has distributors clamoring after who will walk away with rights to this comedy film relevant to the times including politics. I had the privilege of viewing it a VIP screening and a few seconds at most goes by without an audience roaring with laughter. Julia Faye West has had 5 star reviews from real people in the industry who matter. many are saying that they loved seeing her range and wanted to see more of the various sides she was able to show in an otherwise on dimensional character. Maybe the horrible review from the hater who wrote the first review improperly depicting the film entirely, walked out a bit too early to see it come full circle. after all she does admit that she hates reality shows, and her opinion of the actors holds no merit compared to countless film distributors. I look forward to seeing how the film does internationally!

Reviewed by sydney-64 8 / 10 / 10

So Trumpian!

This film epitomizes the Trump mentality, cheap reality TV mentality...funny she is so sincere and yet all the premise is so loaded with these elbow pokes at the reality TV mentality. It works!! This could become a cult classic parodying corny cheesy today as this heiress tries to show the world she isn't just another "it" girl and pretentious celebutante. She runs circles around the interviewer from the BBC. It's got some good names, MIchael Tyson, Denise Richards and Julia Faye West which should bring it more notoriety.

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