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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rannynm 10 / 10 / 10

Welcome to Emmy's World! Magical, playful, discovering

Welcome to Emmy's world. Magical, playful, discovering, and your real-life wonderland. This 78-minute fantasy DVD will take you on an adventure through princess Emmy's cup of tea with a secret-gift. Written by Sergio Casci and directed by Piet De Rycker. The story follows Emmy and her friendly and trustworthy stable of horses. Princess Emmy is a young, adventurous girl with a secret, a secret gift that is. Emmy is the only person in the Kingdom of Kandis who can communicate to horses. Life for Emmy has been wonderful; exploring and hanging out with her pals. That is until her jealous and rude cousin Gizana appears and Emmy must experience the ultimate challenge to earn the right to keep her gift. She has to stand strong. Emmy must go through a series of confusing test to find out if her secret is worth to keep. The lead characters in this DVD are Princess Emmy, voiced by Ruby Barnhill, Princess Gizana , voiced by Bella Ramsey, David, voiced by Nathan Mack, Ceasar,voiced by Joel Fry and many more enjoyable cast. My favorite character is Princess Emmy, because she is brave, daring, and not like any other Princess. Princess Emmy likes to get messy sometimes, as well as getting wild, dress the way she feels comfortable in. My favorite part in the film would be when Princess Emmy is in the stables and she is quietly reading. She noticed a bright light and a smell that tied up her nostrils. She heads down to the basement, discreetly following the smell and light when she is being circled by the light and is frightened at first but then exclaims "let's take an adventure!" to her horses. This part is my favorite because it proves how brave and adventurous Princess Emmy is. I really enjoyed the film Princess Emmy, due to its coverage of many important themes and role models for today's girls. I also enjoyed the creativity of the movie, in both the storytelling and animation. The use of animals in the film is one of my favorite aspects, because it creates a very loving environment for the kids watching. The animation and vocal performances are very well chosen. The film is set in a very ordinary atmosphere on a modern-day Kingdom. I admire the art department for creating such a vibrant and imaginative aspect of this DVD. The colors on the pony stall, to the way the castles design and colors shined at the top of a mountain was simply beautiful. The music in this film provided me with different emotions and had a sense of freedom. This DVD shares many important messages, such as Emmy being a strong princess, working hard and helping those around her. Just simply being yourself and Emmy work towards her goal of proving her self-worth. This DVD has no false language or any dangerous activity's that younger kids might try to imitate. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 4 - 11, but adults might enjoy it as well. REviewed by Nathalia J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.

Reviewed by mohammedisam-74207 5 / 10 / 10

It's not even a family movie!!!!!

I don't know how and why this has been produced. Is it targeting children? Is it targeting human beings? Aliens?

Reviewed by SilverOrlov 5 / 10 / 10

This cartoon is just as awkward as it's cupcake jokes.

A rebel princess who knows how to talk with horses because of a special gift. No, not with animals, but only with horses. And the magical place is also furnished with horse sculptures. It seems that the author has a fetish on horses, or he has his own stable, because to put emphasis on "horse ability" and not to reveal this idea in any way, except to give the princess a herd of horses and rivet horse statues - this not an idea, but a bad taste of a person who just likes these animals. Princess's cousin is a typical stereotypical b**ch with daffodil manners... but this template of the opponent of a good princess in 2019 seems banal to me, there were already hundreds of them. And dad ... oh this king dad. The author decided that it would be funny to make a loser cook out of the king, who constantly has bad cupcakes and constantly tries to give them out to everyone, and constantly inserting the phrase "do you want a cupcake?", "Right, but now you can eat a cupcake" ... put that cupcake ... okay, never mind... ridiculous. A basic idea with a secret, trials, some powers and confrontation between two princesses would be a good idea, if not for an overly clumsy implementation. It seems that the creators simply decided to make a cartoon based on "this will also work". Well ... at least the animation, perhaps was OK.

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