Pope Joan


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Anatole Taubman as Ernst Josef Aufricht
David Wenham as Johnny Francis 'Spit' Spitieri
Iain Glen as Jock Lawrence
John Goodman as Babe Ruth
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Reviewed by alianiara 3 / 10 / 10

a wonderful but ill told story

Even as a feminist, I could not stand a movie so ridiculously and awkwardly narrated in a so-called feminist's perspective while all other aspects are neglected. As if had Johanna been born a man, she would have smoothly made her way to the chair of saint peter and become the greatest pope of all time. Johanna was first and foremost a human being, with flaws and limitations, facing obstacles far more complex than that of her female identity.(poverty being one) The men in this movie, were either female-friendly saints or unreasonable prejudiced beasts. No reason were given to why they were such, nor were there any transitions of any kind. I know it is difficult to tell a biography story within two hours, but I still have to say it was not very well timed. Nor did give a good focus on Johanna's character. Yes she was a woman, she wanted to do good in the world, but that is applicable to millions of people in history. As a modern woman I wasn't even born so confident to believe that I am no less than a man, but our heroine was so genius that she didn't need to struggle a bit realize her strength. As a story about a pope, it is so superficial on religious matters that it didn't even bother to quote a few lines that we haven't heard of. no wonder there isn't any religious community seeking trouble about this movie---it's not even worth it. This movie really won't serve as a good example of a feminism movie.

Reviewed by David Hawkridge 1 / 10 / 10

One of those little gems

Didn't know what to expect from a movie called "Pope Joan"! I was pleasantly surprised how good and believable the story was in the first half. I am not going to try and say what the rights and wrongs are of women reaching high office in the church are. For me this was triumph over adversity with understated acting by the lead character. Not sure about the romance side of the film, it didn't seem to add much to the plot there was no real build up to the relationship. The first half of the film was more interesting than the second again the plot seemed to get lost and the characters were not as strong. In saying that I still found myself intrigued by the film. If your wondering if its a film worth watching I think its more than worthwhile. All in all I still enjoyed it even though the plot and characters could have been bit stronger.

Reviewed by hddu10-819-37458 1 / 10 / 10

An ultra-liberal, new-agey, feminist fantasy

An ultra-liberal, new-agey, feminist fantasy…but those are really the only people who would care for the subject matter of this mess (unfortunately for the studio, producers and investors involved in this flop). Loosely based on a 13th century joke and subsequent Protestant propaganda from the Reformation period, the story centers on the life of a woman in the Dark Ages who cross-dresses her way to becoming Pope. John Goodman (the only cast member anyone will recognize) proves yet again that he has no problems or pride in accepting bad scripts (anyone remember "King Ralph?). The entire story, dialog and underlying theme is excruciatingly contrived and predictable, and the good news for history is that like the actual subject matter, this film will not get so much as a foot-note.

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